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Painful prolapse

hi everyone I've been told by dr/hospital that I have a prolapse. My bowel has come down my Virginia. I'm wanting for an op but I'm in so much pain inner legs, groin, and lower back. Gp knows I'm in pain but hospital said I shouldn't be in this much pain. I've had full hysterectomy and not sexually active at the moment. Anyone go any advice or know what going on

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Ask if a pessary might help while you are waiting for the op.

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Hi sorry you are doff earring at the moment.. I have had surgey for prolapse 12 months ago but now they seem to think I have pelvic congestion syndrome my symptoms are similar to what you describe


Hi. I have a large bowel prolapse but I have no pain what so ever. I didn't know I had it until I went to docs with bladder problem and I had scan. Doc said it was one of the biggest one she's ever seen. I'm having op in a couple of months to put it right. I had hysterectomy 20 years ago and using pessarys to treat bladder problem. I had a pelvic scan to rule out anything sinister as well. I did have a lot of pain in connection with the bladder problem but it's gone now. Hope you get sorted out. xx

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thanks, hope everything goes ok with you operation xx


I agree - best guess from what you describe - pelvic congestion. Imaging can tell you if you have it badly.


I am sorry you are in so much pain.

Many of us with prolapse related problems have different symptoms and this problem is highly controversial amongst colorectal doctors.

The pain is posdibly nerve pain pudendal.

Some doctors recommend lifting the rectum with mesh. The surgery is risky with little outcome reporting but newer meshes and modified surgeries are beginning to emerge.

Decompression surgery of the nerve is another possibility which appears to be cheaper in France.

There are many postings on this site.

Look under rectopexy, pudendal nerve etc.

Just to say you are not alone and I truly sympathise.



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