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Hi. I have just come back from the doctors and am panicking a bit. She is sending me for an internal ultra sound because I have an enlarged uteris...possible fibroids. I am worrying it's something more serious...the big C word. I have a constant sore and painful pressure type pain in my abdomen, heavier periods and needing the loo frequently. I am also very overweight which makes it all worse apparently. The doctor was understandably uncommittal at this point and I may have to wait several weeks for my appointment. Should I be comforted by this? If she thought it might be cancer would she have rushed me through? I am really worrying and need to try to keep things in perspective. I don't even know what hapens if you do get fibroids or cancer in your uterus. I have no idea about treatments etc. Anyone else had this experience? Thank you

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  • Hi Hun, firstly don't worry! If she suspected cancer then you would've had an urgent appointment or sent straight in to see a gynaecologist. Enlarged fibroids can make you wee more as they press on bladder. As for treatment.....they can either operate to remove them or give you medication to try and shrink them. Fibroids cause you to have very heavy, painful periods. She will probably advise you to lose weight too as that can put added pressure on the fibroids. I'm not an expert but I worked as a health professional alongside obs and gynae consultants. If nothing else works for the fibroids then your consultant may talk about a hysterectomy, but that really is a last resort. Hope this helps Hun. Take care xx

  • Thank you so much for replying. That has really helped xx

  • You're welcome hunny. Keep me updated and let me know how you get on. Take care xx

  • I was told I had a large womb on two different occassions. No explanation. Pelvic Ultrasounds 'normal'.

    Decades later I had the Transvaginal / Internal Ultrasound scan following a post Menopausal bleed. This revealed a Fibroid outside the womb. It looked like an inverted toadstool above and pushing down into the uterus causing it to appear concave.

    My mother had lots of fibroids, prolapsed womb and torn bladder. She had some of the fibroids removed, bladder repair and womb put back in place. No hysterectomy. However the recovery period was a bit longer than for Hysterectomy.

    I haven't had any surgery (apart from the Hysteroscopy for the pmb which found nothing - no cancer not even any polyps which Gynaecologist thought it might be.) No bleed since either.

  • Hi. I'm also overweight and I was having heavier and much more painful periods than usual. They did an ultrasound on me and found 2 polyps. I'm having an operation next week to get them removed and biopsied. Apparently they're really simple to remove and in most cases non cancerous but can become cancerous if left in place. The main thing is you're doing something about it. Don't shy away from treatment. It won't go away on its own. Good luck.

  • Thank you. I won't. I'm sure it will be fine and like you say treatment is there and seems to be pretty routine. I am glad there seems to be many explanations for my symptoms too. It's made me realise that anything sinister is highly unlikely. Many thanks for your reply.

  • Best wishes for your surgery LG69, and a quick & full recovery.

    God Bless


  • Hi Cathy

    Try not to worry I’ve been back and fourth to Doctors for similar I was told I had cystocele / prolapse by my GP and because I had pelvic pain and pressure and was still seeing regular periods . Also getting frequency & urgency with my bladder I was sent for a serious of tests & scans . I’ve akso had a bladder sling 5 years previous. When I eventually saw the consultant he told me it was my enlarged uterus causing the problems no mention of fibroids I was told it can happen after pregnancy’s and ageing and also being over weight, anyway almost a year later my treatment options were to have a repair as my bladder was prolapsing into my vagina causing a tare, a more complex surgery envolving mesh , which scared me to death as it’s been in the media lately in a negative way, or a hystorectomy which seemed dramatic. But after considering all options also there was an option to do nothing, and just watch and wait and see. I decided to have a hystorectomy with my consultants support. Well I’m 9 weeks post now and apart from bladder problems which were pre existing I’m absolutely fine and I’ve no more pelvic pain no heavy periods no dragging heavy sensation and I’ve kept my ovaries as they were healthy so my menopause should be normal if a little premature but I’m 51 anyway and considered to have been peri menopausal.

    I hope this helped it’s not always a bad thing and like another lady said if the big C was suspected your GP would have done an urgent 2 wk referral . Keep us updated.

    Take care 😃

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Just hearing that symptoms can have a much less sinister and straightforward explanation has made me feel a little better!Thank you for sharing your story. I am coming up 47 so I guess that could be a reason why everything is starting to change. Thankfully my periods are still regular with no in between bleeding (which doc said is a good thing), just heavy clotting etc. I am really glad I found this site because it helps so much to know other ladies experience the same. You panic when it's all new and feel on your own. I suffer from anxiety so my mind has a tendency to speed off in about 10 different directions! I have always struggled with my weight since having children in my late 30's but this has made me realise I need to get rid of it before it starts to affect my health due to my age. I am about 5 stones overweight and classed as 'obese' (obviously lol) so obviously this isn't helping matters at all!! Thank you for your support and advice x

  • Hi again. Im 48 and also have heavy clotting and no bleeding between (I've got polyps as I mentioned before). I have been on weight watchers 6 mnths and have easily lost 3 and a half stone. I've got the same again to go so it's a 'journey'. But I'm so pleased I'm on it as it's healthier to be a bit slimmer if you've got to have an operation. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you and we'll done! That's amazing weight loss. You take care and keep going!

  • Cathy, just wondered if you have ever had blood tests to check out your Thyroid gland? Also if you have any other symptoms of Underactive Thyroid because Anxiety and Unexplained weight gain are two of them.

    I put on 5st over the years before diagnosis and treatment of Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism.

    Having blood tests for Thyroid Antibodies : TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase ) and Tg (Thyroglobulin ) would confirm or eliminate Hashimoto's. xx

  • Hi Mary. Thanks for your reply. I had blood tests a couple of years ago and that was clear. She has booked me in to have blood tests next week so I will ask them if they are testing for thyroid. Thank you

  • The usual TFTs (Thyroid Function Tests ) that they do are only T4 and TSH. These are not reliable on their own for diagnosing Hashimoto's. As, with Hashimoto's, bloods can fluctuate. My T4 and TSH were repoted Hypothyroid in 2008 but no one told me. When a Rheumatologist saw these in 2010 he retested but this time they came back reported as 'Euthyroid ' that is - normal. So he said Thyroid's OK. Wrong!!! Wasn't diagnosed till late 2011.

    Others Thyroid tests are FreeT3, FreeT4, and T3.

    If you are having blood tests would you consider asking for nutrients levels to be checked also? -

    Vitamin D





    You could look up the symptoms of deficiencies in each of these on NHS choices and make a list of any you have.xx

  • Several years ago I decided to have a PAP test (after some 14 years.... typical nurse, never practicing what I preach, lol). I too had heavy and long periods.

    Had an internal ultrasound and another test - don't remember, but I think it might have been a colposcopy. The gyne had told me that my uterus was slightly enlarged. What they found is that I had a fibroid, thought there may have been more than one.

    The doctor said I could have it removed but she recommended OTC medication for pain and discomfort, adding that fibroids tend to shrink in menopause. Not sure if it did.

    Two years ago I had another PAP, everything is fine. I mentioned the fibroid to my new gyno but he did not seem too interested, telling me they (fibroids) are fairly common.

    So please, I know it is easier said than done, but try not to worry :-)

  • Thank you, I think thats what my doctor was thinking. I have started getting some sweating and other signs of pre menopause so hopefully it's all linked. Thank you for your reply x

  • Cathy,

    This is my scenario exactly. I was 43 when this took place. I had heavy periods, pressure and extremely bad cramps during my period plus I was bleeding in between periods but not a full period. I had a diagnostic DNC done by my gynecologist. They said I was loaded up with fibroids which I knew of 3 of them already one was outside the uterus, I had pelvic congestion and my uterus was enormous. At the time I was not over weight. It's a different story now. Because yes I was suffering from PN also which this made my PN worse. I had a partial hysterectomy. They left my ovaries but did take the Fallopian tubes as well because I also had fibroids wrapped in the tubes. Don't panic. I'm not a doctor but your case sounds very similar to mine. Get the diagnostic DNC done. Although I have to tell you it didn't show everything until the day of my surgery for the partial hysterectomy. I hope that helps you. God bless. Deb

  • Thanks Debs. I hope you're feeling better now? You've been through a lot. At least fibroids are not dangerous and can be treated /removed. I will be happy if it just those. I'm sure it is. Thank you for your reply. God bless too. X

  • Hi everyone. I have had my scan which revealed a 3cm fibroid outside the uterus at the back. Nothing else at the moment. It hasn't set my mind at rest though, I fact he rather worried me! He said that the fibroid was not where he was expecting it to be because of my symptoms and that the position of it would not be causing the pressure sensation on my cervix or my bladder. He also said my uterus was enlarged but didn't think the fibroid was to blame. He also searched for my right ovary for ages and seemed concerned that he couldn't find it! I am also still having problems with my tummy being upset and my bowel hurting at the front. Anyone got any advice or thoughts? I am meeting with the doc tomorrow and am expecting a 'you're fine' conversation when I know something isn't right. Thanks xxx

  • Hi CathyNDH, I have a 15cm fibroid in my womb at the moment, and I had and still have the same symptoms as you. Infrequent toilet trips to normal, painful pressure, very heavy periods. I had to wait nearly 2 months for my ultrasound after going to my GP for the first time when I noticed my lump, which did send me into panic mode, and I rung my GP and asked them why I was waiting so long knowing I had this unknown lump in me, but they told me not to worry, and if they thought it was life threatening then they would have got me an emergency appointment. Luckily they were right, and turned out to be a very large fibroid.

    I cant comment on what happens if you have cancer in the uterus, but if its fibroids its such a common thing, which I did not realise until joining this forum. I'm 26 and all of my friends and family had no idea what a fibroid was so it is scary, but depending on the size there are different procedures that are available, from medication to shrink the fibroid, to an operation to remove it. As soon as you have your ultrasound and its confirmed as a fibroid and the size, you will be given your options by a consultant which you can then decide which you feel is best for you. Some people can live with fibroids If they are small, as some don't cause any pain or discomfort, but im on the total opposite scale and my uterus is now the size of a 32 week pregnancy. I have my myomectomy surgery in February so patiently waiting so it all depends on you.

    Please don't panic, i was so scared at first, but as soon as i got my ultrasound and was able to do my research i was relieved to realise i wasn't alone. You will find out as soon as you get your ultrasound - I know someone else who I have been speaking to in a forum that managed to get a cancellation booking, so if you feel you don't want to wait, contact your GP and ask if they can chase up a sooner appointment.

    Good luck :)

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