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Prolapse? Rectocele/missed fibroid?

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This is a long one!! Warning lol

So easter weekend i had lower back pain all day then i felt a rip and i fainted, woke up in hosp in agony.... they put it down to diverticultius , gallbladder blah blah then sent me home after two days as nothing showed. Had a colonoscopy( nothing).

Ct scan on kidney and gallbladder (nothing).

So was sent to see a gynae, he was unhelpful but agreed to a lap, i had lap for endo he didnt even come see me before or after just sent his nurse to tell me no endo! I was fine.

I wasnt though. I am still in pain on left hand side, bum ache, leg ache, bladder hurts, hurts to poop. So my dr sent me to a pelvic floor specialist, she has been great relaxing it all she told me i must at least try sex , me and husband tried but he said “ i cant get up there it like theres something there” ! So i been saying this to physio and she says “ im fine when im up there?” But then yesterday it was there in physio? She cant figure out what it is, she said fibroid mayb but wouldnt they see that in lap? In vagina. Then she said prolapse of some sort .... but she says she never felt one like mine before? Any suggestions? The physio has written to my dr and asked them to mri my pelvis and to send me to a gynae again.

I cant understand how so many dr have missed it or how my physio not felt it in 7 weeks but then there it was yesterday??


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I don’t know about diagnosis for other types of prolapse but I had a proctogram 5 years ago which diagnosed intersussepcion, a type of bowel prolapse. I’ve since been seeing a colorectal surgeon and was diagnosed with a rectocele as well. Sex is so uncomfortable I have almost given up and both the consultant and the physio have told me it’s because of the intersussepcion and rectocele.

I have also had colonoscopies, a laparoscopy and CT scan but these did not diagnose the prolapse.

Ask for a referral to a colorectal consultant- maybe they will be able to find out what is going on.

Good luck.

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Lulububs in reply to Beezwax

Hey thanks beezwax

I have literally had every text goin only thing i havent is mri. It was found by my pelvic floor physio she could feel it so she is sending me to a gynae do u think thats ok? As i have had a colonoscopy and they didnt see anything

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I don’t think it’s bad to see a gynae - they can diagnose a prolapse of the uterus or vagina, but may not be able to diagnose a bowel prolapse. A proctogram would probably be needed to diagnose intersussepcion (can also be called ODS- Oxford pelvic floor centre website is quite good for details). My problem did not show up on a colonoscopy either and I also saw a gynae consultant a year prior to seeing a colorectal consultant and he didn’t find anything (although I don’t think he was particularly looking for a prolapse, just like yours he did a laparoscopy, ruled out endometriosis and said goodbye). You probably need a gynae surgeon rather than just a regular gynae.

Anyway, best wishes. You can tell something is wrong, so just keep asking until you find someone who can help you. I was lucky with my colorectal consultant (who sent me for other investigations after the colonoscopy did not show what the problem was) else I might have been fobbed off for years.

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Yes i can tell something wrong , my physio who is the only person who has actually felt up there even though ive been telling everyone “ there something wrong up there”! Can feel there something there that shouldnt b but it shocked her because it first time in 6 weeks she felt it... which is weird.

Sorry can i ask how urs was fixed?

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Beezwax in reply to Lulububs

It hasn’t been ‘fixed’ but I manage it with various things - I mainly have bowel problems, so the hospital prescribed me an irrigation system that I use every day. I also have to use ‘digitation’ (tmi to put on here!) in order to go to the toilet. Since I was diagnosed things have gradually been getting worse and I feel quite a ‘lump’ in my vagina too that wasn’t there before - it feels like it’s part of the prolapse. My consultant says things won’t get better - but she is not too keen on mesh surgery. However she is going to refer me to Oxford for a second opinion. I have had physio and that has also helped but not ‘fixed’ it. She thinks I have some form of connective tissue disorder which probably means everything will start falling down. It is happening gradually so I am just trying to cope until there is a clear option for surgery. But at least I know what the problems are and I think that helps you cope. If I didn’t know I would be going crazy wondering what was wrong.

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Ive heard the mesh is not to great can cause u more problem then u start with but the STARR is suposed to b good! Not that i know much..

Well this happened to me 6 months ago. I actually felt something rip in stomach and fainted, they just never looked at it being prolapse...

It wasnt till husband said he could not get in ( tmi) during sex ( for first time in 6 month) so i told physio and she felt in and went “ oh “ !!! Yeh i see what he means that wasnt there last week!! So whatever it it is is popping in and out

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