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Fibroid trouble

Hello. I'm new here. So, I'm about to celebrate my 40th bday in 2 weeks when Surprise... I get this extreme pain in my pelvic area. The 1st time, I got written off as having UTI. The 2nd was a trip to the ER & nothing was resolved. The 3rd time (6 days later) another trip to the ER. This time I was given medication (Percocet), which may I add, keeps the pain at bay for about two hours. Finally, the Gyn tells me I'm fine. It's just a "small" fibroid. I'm new to all this & tried to do some homework before visiting but I was in too much pain. I was told to "watch & wait". Excuse me?! My pain won't wait. I've never had children. My periods are usually 10-14 days, very heavy. I was told I'm only experiencing pain because I'm ovulating? I'm done with my menstrual & I'm still in pain. Are the DR's at this hospital cough..Kaiser..cough) not educated on fibroids? I asked the gyn if I'm experiencing estrogen dominance or fibroid degeneration.. she was clueless then said no. I can't keep popping Percocet to "mask" the pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I've been dealing with non stop pain for this entire month! I'm in tears.

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Hi I'm in pretty much the same position a year ago I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. The miscarriage was a result of having 4 fibroids I didn't even know I had. Me and my partner r desperate to have a child so when I asked to talk to a doctor to get some answers we were told that the fibroids are small I asked what can be done to remove them but we were told I shouldn't worry they are small and she didn't think there was any need for medication or surgery and shouldn't have any problem getting pregnant again. It's now a year later I've looked up things I should eat, vitamins all things that is said to help shrink the fibroids, but since then me and my partner have had trouble falling pregnant and now I can feel one of the fibroids through my stomach. I feel if the hospital failed me as they done nothing to get rid of the fibroids before they got to big, now I have a feeling they will have to remove my whole uterus before I have the chance of having a baby. Through research I found they should of offered me surgery a year ago when they were small enough to leave no scarring of the lining, I should of also been offered medication such as esmya to balance my hormones and to help shrink the fibroids, but I was just told to leave it and not to worry. Now the fibroids are all I can think about. I hope everything works out better for you

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Thank you for your response and sharing your story. I really feel for you & the unfortunate issues you're dealing with. At my point of life, I don't think I'm even able to have children. I really hope your dreams of having children will come true. With all advancement we have in the field of medicine, the female reproductive system & fibroids, endometriosis, etc are still like a giant mystery to most doctors & to those who are suffering. I just came back from an appointment & asked for a second opinion & to see another gynecologist. I may have endometriosis on top of my fibroids. I'm currently taking Percocet but it's doing absolutely nothing. I've tried naproxen, again, nothing. I'm about ready to walk into ER & demand they treat me for the source. No more masking up the symptoms with pills. I've gone completely 180 and now 3½ weeks on an organic, vegan diet. Walking 30-45 min a day or whatever I can handle due to my constant 24 hours pain. I've lost about 7kg of weight & reduce my blood pressure to 124/82 from 140/100. I was hopeful that these small changes would show a bit of positive feedback. This is not living. Every day I'm in severe pain. I just want to be normal. If you or anyone who reads this knows of a better method for pain management or how to go about getting this resolved, I'm all ears. My heart, prayer & thoughts are with everyone who post here. Stay strong!!


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