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I've happened upon this forum through one of my countless Google searches and decided to finally sign up. I have always been a "worrier" but this past year I have come to realize rhat my worries are actually full blown anxiety. I've tried to seek help (therapy, meds) but dont continue with anything because in my mind im hopeless. I've also developed a very mild Percocet addiction sincelast summer and can't go a day without taking at least 5mg even when I tell myself no. I blame it on the pain I have even though it's really because I like the high they give me and the pain doesn't subside that much from them anymore. Which leads me to my next point ...for the past year I have noticed whole body pains that won't go away. I thought it was from my extremely active lifestyle -I worked two jobs, went to school, and worked out regularly . Since last year , things have changed. I couldn't attend school due to financial reasons, I now work only one job, and I stopped working out, yet everyday I wake up with back pain and go to sleep with back pain. Nothing works to alleviate this. I suffer from GAD and do get panic attacks at least weekly, sometimes more (heart racing,numbness, crying , feeling like im gonna die).

Now to the point of my post:

for the past 9 months I have been trying to get pregnant with my incredibly supportive partner. I assumed I would achieve pregnancy easily as I had been pregnant before but had a termination (very long story, please don't judge as I feel deeply terrible about it every day of my life). what makes me worry is the chronic pelvic pain I believe I am experiencing.

The pain feels like a mild cramp, sometimes sore, sometimes sharp(but only for a moment). But all discomfort is near constant. I have been tested for stds, been to the er twice, seen five different obgyns, and since im young (23) , ovulating (tried ovulation sticks), normal ultrasound, have a regular cycle and previous pregnancy, I get told "it can take up to a year " . I truly believe something is wrong with me and my pelvic pain is what causes me the most anxiety. whole body pain, inability to get pregnant, my angry outbursts at times, crying over everything. I cannot talk to anyone about any of this. My partner knows of my pain and my anxiety and helps the best he can. He also thinks I only take Percocet occasionally not everyday. He will massage my back and my feet and when I cry about things and have severe panic attacks,he always comforts me, he goes to my many doctors appointments, but I can't seem to feel better about anything. I honestly feel hopeless, like im dying, and my life is worth nothing. I just need to know im not alone with my pain and my feelings . This is truly horrible.

I feel like every doctor I go to doesn't care and won't take my pain seriously.

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Hi its really very sad to hear about ur problem and Pain. You are not the only one who is going through such problms,even I have a chronic pain issues since last 3.5 yrs n I have pain in my Penis.I ws ditectd wd infalmation in seminal vesicles when d problm strtd bt aft six months dre ws no inflmtion in d MRI reports however since thn m still hvng d same pain n evrything is d same.About my personal life its all down d drains n I fight wd this pain evryday n hope tht ill win one day.I ws a ship administrative Assitnt at TPM bt had to quit my job due to this problm.However since last Aug 2015 I am on bed as i cnt walk or do ne thing ,i mean my problem is vry complex bt Still I m trying to fight wd this problem....sup, dear frnd stay positive i knw its vry difficult to do so bt still never loose hope,One day ull b absolutely perfect ..... Have faith in God!! All d best .... Stay Blessed


Hi Yuvi, I am so sorry to hear of your constant pain and suffering. Could I ask you which country you live in.


Hi Cvbn, I am From INDIA


Do you live in India? The reason I ask is to assist you to find a uro-neurologist in your area. Please could you google Uro-neurology, or uro-neurologist and the area where you live. I think your problem could possibly be due to the pudendal nerve and a uro-neurologist dealing with the genito-urinary tract is the best person to investigate your problem. Make a list of your symptoms and when they first started. I wish you all the best and hope this helps. keep in touch if you need further advice etc.


Yes I live in Indai and I have not visited any Uro-neurologist ,However I have visited the best of the best Urologists available in the country bt it ws of no use as some of them told me tht u hv to live wd this pain as they dnt hv ne cure for this problem n not a single doctor paid much attention on my issue. NYz thanks for the help frnd..... will gt bck to you whenevr ill need hlp.... Thanks


You are not alone and you are not going crazy either.

I believe your "anxiety" attack's are brought on by being in constant pain. I know as I am experiencing them too.

You have physically and emotionally had enough and your brain just cannot deal with rational thought processes. Sorry to say but you are probably dependant on the drug you mentioned which is pretty common when you have been taking it for some time. The body will crave it.

I'm afraid you are going to have to see your doctor and fess up. Tell "Her" everything and I mean everything. Hopefully she will see the importance of referring you to the hospital for tests but to also referr you to see a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) counsellor to help you regain control over your thought processes. This type of therapy is really really helpful and you will start feeling you are regaining control of your own life instead of the pain controlling you.

You are fortunate to have a very supportive partner so be brave and tell him everything too but also let him know the steps you are taking to put it right, for you both and your future family.

Us ladies are made of strong stuff but we have 2 choices. We can allow it to happen or we can take control.

I have recently decided to reduce the amount of pain killers I am on, all be it really slowly. I felt no better taking them, still in pain and my relationship was being affected by the way I was when on them.

I know I am dependant on the Tramadol so this might take a while and I know I need something for the pain but I say when and what. I also know you can't treat something properly until you have a confirmed prognosis so again I'm pushing for that. And I can honestly say I feel better in myself knowing I'm in control.

Don't give up hunni and be strong. Write down your symptoms daily do you can show your doctor and push for a referral to a back specialist who will investigate the pain.

Try and find others ways of dealing with pain such as yoga, acupuncture, massage And meditation techniques can also help.

I wish you the very best of luck.

Penny xx

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All you describe is absolutely symptoms of anxiety and it's so hard to beat. You mustn't give up . Doctors find it difficult to understand this pelvic pain and whole body pain. The reply about taking control is so right. I still struggle daily but things do get easier when you manage to convince yourself that these awful feelings really are anxiety and not some awful life threatening illness. I often have to give myself a good talking to !! Hope you feel better soon but remember you are not alone there are lots of us living with this.


I think you need to start by being honest with yourself and your partner and admit you have become a drug addict. That is the first and biggest step. Your kidding yourself if you think this is a mild addiction. If I were you I would go back to your Doctor and ask for help to deal with your addiction. I would look up the side effects of Percocet and see how it can effect your mental and physical state. You have so much to look forward to at your age, drug addiction is destructive. Don't let it destroy your life. Okay it gives you a high and you feel good for a while. Then the rest of the time you feel lousy. Is it worth it when it is destroying your body, mind and happiness. Please do the best thing for you and your partner and get the professional help you need especially if you want to be a mother. Be strong.

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Please look up and get yourself the book "Medical Medium". I am following the shingles protocol and have been having success with unexplained pain. He does go into other subjects such as Rheumatoid arthritis and how to heal with food and supplements.


Well, normally the perfect solution for your case would be xanax, because it helps anxiety, panic attacks, muscle tightness, and pelvic pain. I've also heard it may help one recover from pain med or alcohol addiction (eases withdrawl). But since you do have a mild addiction to an addictive drug already, it may not be the right choice for you. I would still bring it up as a possible option to your general physician, and see what he/she thinks.


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