Cervical Fibroids vs Marena Coil

I have two fibroids and in the last two years they have started to grow. My gynaecologist wanted to do a full hysterectomy but at that time i wasnt experiencing any abnormal side effects from having them. My periods have always been very light and still are. He then mentioned the Marena Coil as an option. That was a year ago and I'm due to have my annual check-up in November whereby if they have grown again he will insist on a course of action, as he thinks that these are likely to keep growing until i go through the menopause. Im 45 years of age.

Can anyone give me any info about the Marena Coil. I have heard that it can make you gain weight. Also when I was on the pill in the past, my hormones went crazy and I turned into a nasty cow and I'm worried about this too. I seem to have a very sensitive constiution...

Thank you x

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  • Most women find the Mirena works well and others don’t tolerate it. It is probably worth giving it a try, but if it causes pain then ask for it to be removed and don’t get persuaded to keep it in for longer than you are comfortable with it. They say try for six months, but I think if it’s is causing pain (rather than discomfort) after six weeks, you should ask them to remove it. Avoid a hysterectomy if at all possible. It’s major surgery, even done laparoscopically, and not without significant complications.

    I didn’t gain weight with the Mirena, just misery, pain and when it was eventually removed, extremely heavy bleeding.

    Good luck!

  • I had a mirena coil because of very heavy periods when I was going through the menopause. I found it very painful when it was inserted, but then I was just starting with pudendal nerve pain pain anyway. For a couple of months I had almost constant spotting, which was a nuisance, but then it was fine, no more bleeding and no problems. It didn’t cause me to gain weight. If it can possibly help you to avoid a hysterectomy I would give it a try.

  • If you are very hormone sensitive (like I am!) I Would not suggest such a permanent form of treatment, yes it can be taken out but you may be asked to "let it settle" and thereby feel silly wanting it out after a few months so you suffer on until you are at breakind point as I did, my body just rejected the foreign object it caused me lots of pain, spotting and probably depression.

    Family planning took mine out for me and said it looked well placed in my uterus etc so no explanation why I was in agony.

    I cannot take contraceptive pill due to feeling moody or suicidal at the time of the month, headachey etc.

    If you are happy to wait until menopause maybe clears the fibroids I wd do so as you don't seem to be in life altering pain or worry?!

    Good luck.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm happy to wait but I fear my gynaecologist will want to do something if my fibroids have grown again....

  • Thank you for your responses xxx

  • I have had 3 mirena coils and they all work fine. I never gained weight but was already obese and lost weight following SW. I had my las mirena coil put in at 48 and was told it would be removed at 55. They are normally in for 5 years. I would say go for it.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond to me xxx

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