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Are fibroids common?

I’ve just had a scan, which revealed a fibroid, I no nothing about fibroids and feel very apprehensive, anyone else have fibroids, please share your advice! 😬😳x

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Hi LAV71

Fibroids are relatively common and are sometimes diagnosed during a scan. They don’t always cause any symptoms so are an ‘accidental’ finding. I’ve posted a link to NHS choices. Whether you will need treatment does depend on size and any symptoms if any you might be getting. They might decide to take a wait and see approach and re-scan you at a later date. I hope this helps. I hope others might also post with their experiences but please remember that other posters might have other gynaecological conditions that contribute to their symptoms. As always feel free to ask as many questions as you like 😊


Thank you Alaine1, your advice is very valuable, I will access the link that you have attached, thanks again!


I have a fibroid outside the womb. It's above it pushing down into the womb. Looked on the scan like an inverted toadstool in shape. Uterus looks 'concave'.

I always wondered if I had a fibroid but only had pelvic Ultrasounds and was always told there were no fibroids. It was revealed on a Transvaginal Ultrasound scan I had 4 years ago.

My mother had several fibroids, prolapse and torn bladder. She had surgery for bladder repair, some (not all) fibroids removed and womb put back in place. The rest / recovery time was longer than for a hysterectomy. It was many years ago.

I haven't had surgery. Have prolapse and also a number of bowel conditions and pelvic floor failure / weakness.

Is your fibroid giving you problems?



I was told that they shrink after the Menopause.


I was also told they shrink but they don't ! and neither has my ovarian cyst, both fibroids and cyst have been there for years 🙁

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That's interesting Bantam, thanks. It was the sonographer who told me that the womb and fibroids shrink after the Menopause. I never had the Transvaginal Ultrasound before and it was the day before my 60th Birthday!

The Gynaecologist didn't even mention the fibroid, I was there on an Urgent referal for post Menopausal bleed. He thought it might be polyps but nothing found when I had the Hysteroscopy.


Hi, It’s only just started giving me problems, I missed the last 3 periods and then this month, I had quite a heavy period which lasted 2 wks, then spotting 2 days after I finished, I was also in pain, which I don’t usually experience, I’m now worried what my next period will evolve! Thank you for your reply.

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I have just sent you private message. Let me know if you don't receive it.

I only found out about my fibroid the day before my 60th Birthday! So post Menopause. I did used to have lots of problems with periods though and swollen abdomen.



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