Left lower pelvic pain

I have been having left lower pelvic pain for 4 years. It usually occur before period start & then after the start of period pain ends & starts again after the end of period. It is usually feels like stretching inside. Ultrasound shows cyst in left ovary. But i have taken contraceptive pills for 3 month . This procedure 2 times but pain goes on worsen. When taking medicine , i was quite alright . But then i was diagnose with endometrioma ( chocolate cyst) in left ovary and fibroid in uterus. I have taken danazol. While taking this, i had no pain. But after taking danazol for 3 month i again have that pain.

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  • I will as my friend about her experience with this same pain. I cannot remember what she ended up doing to stop the pain. I do believe it was ovary related.

  • If she is in contact with u. Kindly ask her. And do tell me. Thanks

  • had same problem i got an endometrial ablation after 10 years of suffering and playing lab rat, feeling ok been 1 and 1/2 year

  • Were u also suffering from endometriosis?

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