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Anyone been refused prolapse surgery

I have intussception with trapping anterior rectocele however I have not been offered surgery so having to live with it, basically cant go to the toilet for a bowel movement anyone else suffering from this and how do you cope with it I take laxatives every day but its not the answer really I was not given a reason why they don't want to do the surgery so I am at a loss as what to do

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I would ask your gp for a second opinion, a referral to a continence nurse to help with bowel movements and a women's health physiotherapist. Surgery is not always the answer, not always a quick fix, but sometimes necessary. But it's unfair to be left with no help for a very real, personal and sometimes embarrassing problem! Be strong and insist of some kind of help. Good luck and take care.

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I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. My GP examined me then I had to ask her how bad my prolapse was. She said not that bad then said no one would be prepared to operate on me and that what I had was common with 'older ladies' and I should live with it. Later I looked on my notes as I have Patient Access and she had written Female Rectocele. I can't go either without laxatives which I try to restrict to not everyday, spend a lot of time lying down and struggle on the days in between. I'm not queuing up for surgery, I care for my elderly mother and time out would be difficult but I'd have liked a discussion of my options. Not offered Physio or a consult with a continence nurse.

It's a two handed rural practice and the other GP is a male doc I've never seen.


|Its terrible what happens to us older ladies we are just left on our own to deal with it I have to take laxatives every day too


I am waiting for a decent interval then going back ... There is help out there they just do not always want to channel you towards it. Keep the faith X


Did you get refused prolapse surgery too, at loss what to do now that I have been refused where do I go from here


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