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Vaginal prolapse


Hi, I have been diagnosed by my GP with having at least two vaginal prolapses which I knew already because of the back pain, discomfort, bleeding and the fact you can see at least two at the entrance to my vagina. I have been referred to a gynecologist and I'm still waiting for my appointment. The doctor says I will have surgery. I was wondering if any one else has been referred how long it took to get your appointment after seeing the doctor and how long it took for surgery appointment. I know its silly but I am desperate to get this sorted and just want an idea of the time frame in my head for peace of mind. I can go to the toilet... No 2 and no 1's I'm lucky if I make it too the toilet. So uncomfortable all the time and just need to feel like there's an end to it all x

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Sorry meant to say I can't go for no 2 x

Lulububs in reply to Teri82pink

I think u have to b given a appointment within 9 weeks of referal im not sure as it differs in different parts of country.

Thats just for the referal then i think it 12 weeks if u have treatment ie the ops? So all in all it about 4 months.

Thats if they deal with it, i have a enterocele more or less same apart from my stomach lining is prolapsing into vagina and i was told it was to small to worry about and sent to a womens physio clinic.

Which they are very good but im still in discomfort especially when i go to toilet or have full bowel or bladder

Alaine1Administrator in reply to Lulububs

The NHS guidelines say 18 weeks but if a clinician feels you are able to wait they can make you wait longer. The reality is some services especially if it’s a tertiary service are extremely overstretched and the winter crisis didn’t help with this. All patients who are referred have their letter checked by a clinician first to help streamline the service and get the most urgent cases seen first. Usually you are seen within 18 weeks but it’s not a guarantee. I just thought I’d make you aware as often patients are sure what the guidelines are for waiting to be seen for your first appt. Just thought I’d make you aware of this as I’m waiting in the hospital waiting room to be seen 😊

You could call the appts team at the hospital and ask where you are on the list, if your appt is months away you can sometimes pay to see the Consultant privately for the initial appt then revert back to NHS for treatment. I've done this several times for various problems.

Ahhhh thanks everyone. Actually got a letter today and appointment for 24th April. Expected waiting time for surgery after my appointment is 16 weeks. Happy that I know something. X

I had the surgery and it failed ..I didnt do anything I been resting and pretty much staying off my feet ..I see the Surgeon tomorrow to see if I need to redo my surgery..I can feel and see the prolapes is back...It's been almost 3 weeks and I'm still in pain and feel alot of pressure down there and something in the Vigna area..If you have a Recum prolape with the bladder prolapes..Make sure you get stool softer ..I couldn't go without them and I couldn't go pee on my own so I had to come home with a Catheter and a week later they took it out in his office and everything seemed good other then pain I felt on top of the world and so ready to go forward and live again but that didn't happen with me..I am a heavy lady 250lbs and my age is 45 yrs old ..I don't know if this made a difference ..They told me it takes 6 to 8 weeks to completely heal when I had my surgery..but it took me 2 months to get the appt for my surgery ..I also only stayed 1 day in the hospital and I didn't feel I should have went home that soon

Went to the doctor today it didn't fail just looked and felt like it..It was just really swollen...Good luck with your surgery

Hidden in reply to Asunflowergrl

Great to hear that it didn't fail. Best wishes with your recovery. X

Hello there, I have just had the op done, been home for 3 weeks. Had my gynaecology appointment in April 2017 and my surgery was booked originally for November, cancelled by them 5 times and finally had it done mid Feb, nightmare and I was at the stage where my prolapse was hanging out!Can’t fault the NHS at all once you are in there, the op was fine although I did have to stay in for 6 days as I picked up an infection. Make sure you do take it easy after as I have had to go back to be restitched thanks to my inability to just relax and do nothing. I feel ok after the surgery but recently have the feeling there has been something left inside my vagina? Will be asking questions and keeping everything crossed on my follow up appointment. Good luck and hope everything goes well for you :)

Teri82pink in reply to Jr2607

Im sorry it hasn't gone quickly and smoothly for you. I can feel mine getting worse every week that goes by. I'm only 35 but have had children. Did you have a hysterectomy too?Did you have mesh? Also I hope your appointment goes well X

Jr2607 in reply to Teri82pink

I had a hysterectomy 6 years before this, I was told by the doctor that did this surgery they don’t use mesh anymore?!? Maybe that’s just the hospital I was in. It is the most uncomfortable feeling ever with back pain, heavy feeling, toilet disasters and can honestly say that that side of it has improved massively since surgery...always good to end on a positive :)

Any body else getting or had pains in their legs and thighs due to this. I get them daily and back pain but the worse thing is going to the toilet. Im 35 and 9.5stone and a non smoker. I know these prolapses are due to my births. X

Hi! I saw my cervix sticking out last October and am seeing a gynaecologist on NHS next week for 'assessment', so that's about five months' wait. I was hoping for one of those folding pessaries to try long before then but it seems that even for that, you have to wait ages with no help. I was beginning to think it was just me until I read other people had to put up with this 'bits hanging out' problem for ages, too! I get a sort of V-shaped pain across the top of my legs and think it's because everything has fallen down and is weighing down my pelvis, and my right leg has been aching. I am post-menopause but back in the days when I had periods, my right leg always used to suddenly start aching and it would tell me when my period had started, and it feels exactly the same now, only it's every day. When I push my uterus back in, I'm sure there is more and more bladder filling up the space than there used to be, so I'm scared of surgery. If my uterus wasn't there at all, wouldn't my bladder just start hanging out instead? Having discussed this with a couple of women I know who had problems like these years ago, I am convinced women are kept waiting these days longer than they used to be. I'm glad that you too have got a date to count down the days to, and wish you a good outcome. xxx.

Hi Teri. I too had 2 prolapse, 1 was my bladder and the 2nd was my womb. I had a hysterectomy and a bladder prolapse repair on 3rd of January this year. I’m still ff work but due back on 20th of this month. . I went to the hospital in April 2017 after a referral from go and had my op in January 2018. I had 1 prolapse , the bladder, which after standing for 4- 5 hrs , was outside the body. The womb didn’t bother me but I did have period type pains and lower back ache. I’m post menopausal for around 7 years. I hope this helps. I’m happy with my op.xx

Hi I had A&P repair and sacrospinous fixation no mesh but I knew when I came out of hospital something wasn’t right. I made an appointment to see my consultant and yes the Anterior one has failed it’s so annoying.

Oh poor you x What was there solution, do u have to go through the long wait for surgery again?

Quick update, I got referred to physio because the NHS now says everyone has to have tried this first. I am now booked back in to see surgeon on 4th Dec to discuss surgery or other options. And yes they no longer use the mesh. Not sure what I'm hoping for.... Short of a miracle... Because I'm scared of the surgery, not because of the opp but more the recovery as I struggle to sit still as it is and have five children... Two of which are still young and want picking up. On the other hand I find it hard coping with my prolapses day to day. They said I have an anterior and prostiror prolapse x

how did you get on in the end?

Not seeing surgeon again until 4th Dec x will try to keep you posted.

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