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Vaginal prolapse


Size 12, 50 year old, post menopause teacher. Found orange sized lump outside of me the other night. Pushed it back inside and rang 111. They told me what it was and I was horrified as I have always done pelvic floor exercises because my mum and nan had this too. Spent the next two days at work nipping to the loo to push the lumps back in. It all came out when I went to pick up a felt tip lid off the floor yesterday. The toilet block is in another building to where I teach and I can't leave thirty teenagers alone three times an hour to go to visit the bathroom for this. So I went to the doctors today, the nurse I saw said it wasn't urgent and that it's quite common and maybe eventually in a couple of years I might need an operation. I was astounded. Are there loads of women in the uk with this condition pushing prolapses back inside all day long. Is this normal? Is there a reason why you should delay surgery as long as possible (like hips where they can't do lots of replacements)...not that surgery was offered an operation or a specialist appointment. I was told an operation wouldn't be an option for sure short term. My mum and nan couldn't get away with the ring although I'd be happy to try that of course but I can't think that this sort of discomfort should be endured by millions of ladies if it's unnessary

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It is very common, I've had a bladder prolapse for years but I'm putting up with it for as long as possible but I'm getting more pain these days. Surgery isn't always successful and it's common to need it done again so possibly best avoided if poss.

However if yours is actually coming out you should be offered some help, the nurse sounds very unhelpful so maybe see your GP and ask for treatment options.

Unhappy67 in reply to bantam12

Thank you so much for your advice I will see the GP next week. My mum had a hystorectomy and needed a back wall repair operation. Then after 13 years the front wall needed sorting. Do you think getting a really experienced surgeon would help?

bantam12 in reply to Unhappy67

Definitely find a surgeon with a good track record.

It's such a horrible thing to be suffering with, I found Pilates helped a lot with pelvic floor strength but having stopped classes I'm probably worse than ever 😕 It's the back and pelvic pain that really gets me down.

Good luck with the docs, let us know how you get on.

Unhappy67 in reply to bantam12

I have just had to google what kegals was. I have done a couple of minutes of pelvic floor exercises twice a week for 17 years since my son was born but that's obviously not been enough. I will give Pilates a go actually thank you very much for the advice and there's a YouTube video I've found about doing pelvic floor exercises properly so that's my fun activity before bed tonight. Lol.

bantam12 in reply to Unhappy67

Oh dear my reply has disappeared, I'll try again !

Yes so when I started Pilates with a teacher who specialises in pelvic floor I quickly realised that the exercises we all do thinking we have got the right muscles are actually wrong, it's much more complicated and you need to learn the techniques to find the right muscles and use them. It really does work and I'm kicking myself for not carrying on with it as I'm now paying the price. I would recommend a few one to one lessons otherwise you might do more damage, there are Pilates moves that must never be done if you have prolapse issues so a very experienced teacher is a must.


I would try and see a doctor for a referral to a urogynaecologist if specialist women’s physiotherapist. I’m sure an external prolapse shouldn’t be ignored! Good luck.

Unhappy67 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I thought the same thing. I can go to the toilet fine and had no "warning signs". But I agree. I think I will push to see a specialist. All of the advice has been fantastic. When I left the doctors I felt really deflated. You assume what health specialists tell you is law and I was mortified that this was "normal" and I just had to put up with my bits falling out. Everyone has been really helpful and nobody has replied with "yes my bits fall out too". So this obviously is not normal so I'm going back to the GP this week to make a fuss.

Lots of women have prolapses after childbirth or menopause due to changes in hormones or stretching. Kegals help if the cause is laxity but it doesn't resolve the problem.

Usually the gynaecologist inserts a ring pessary to keep organs up in place. If cause Is menopause then estrogen gel or cream can be added to plump out the atrophied tissues.

After this and physio, surgical procedures like a mesh sling or hysterectomy are considered. But there is lots of controversy about slings causing pelvic pain.

However, A full external prolapse should be dealt with urgently. You can't have your organs falling out completely, and be expected to keep going.

I really sympathise and wish more women were taught about prolapses. X

Hi I’ve had a prolapse for about 10 years I’ve tried loads of pessarys all fall out because I’ve no cervix due to having a hysterectomy. I keep getting UTIs every month taken loads of antibiotics. I’m having my operation on the 29th of this month I’m really nervous but I can’t keep living like this I’ve got no life. Xxx

Unhappy67 in reply to Dopy

My goodness that's appalling. You must be at your wits end. Nervous? I would be really excited. Not for the operation of course. But for how much better things will be afterwards. My mum has had two repair operations in thirty years and they have both worked really well. Yes it took her three weeks to recover afterwards but then all good after that and she too had had a hystorectomy.

Let me know how you get on and the very best of luck

My mum had a hystorectomy at 55 and a repair operation then. She then had another repair on another part at 67. Both operations were successful and she is 80 now. My friend told me that it's important to have a well trained surgeon for these things. I don't know whether that helps. But honestly my mum seemed 1000000 times better and more comfortable after the operations.

Dopy in reply to Unhappy67

Thank you I can't wait I would have a pessary fitted walk out of the Doctors and it would fall out. I’m taking another 7 days of antibiotics. I’ve even had long term ones and after 2 months bang another infection. I do hope you sort something out and I will keep you informed you can always pm me. Xx

I have the same , have found that a pessary has solved the problem. Took about 4 trials to get the correct size and type. Was offered an operation, but am 72, and am not keen, but if I ever find it necessary to have operation would certainly only do it with a Consultant Uro gynaecologist. I live in the Caribbean, so have had to do everything privately, so was maybe offered more options. Did travel to Scotland and confirm advice there, again privately. I use the pessary, do YOQI and Pelvic floor exercises with FEMFUSION , on You tube. All is going well, check up last week indicated my pelvic floor has actually strengthened .

Hello. A really fit 70 year old. I couldn't believe prolapse. Went privately and therefore quickly. Bladder and uterus were sewn up. Nearly two weeks since op. Fairly tired all the time but determined after reading relapse stories to be utterly selfish and self absorbed! So far so good 😊

Hi, I'm 42 and have a bladder and rectal prolapse, possible uterine prolapse too and like u I can see it bulging out, these have caused me to have bladder issues like stress incontinence and an overactive bladder, iv an appointment on Thursday with urodynamics to have a bladder function test and my specialist has told me I definitely need bladder repair but to expect a full hysterectomy as my prolapses r quite bad, I wud see a different doctor who wud b more sympathetic to ur problem, u definitely need to see a gynaecologist

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