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Has anyone been to Spire Hospital fylde to have prolapse surgery? Or any positive experiences of surgery anywhere in northwest ?

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Hi I have just discovered I have bladder prolapse and a slight bowel one. I am thinking of going for surgery privately because this has totally shocked me and made me feel so down . I had been experiencing slight bladder leakage when my bladder was full and if I coughed it laughed etc but nothing else. I feel so alone because it’s not something people talk about . I feel embarrassed and old !

I don’t know how to decide on a gynaecologist 😳 . Has anyone got any experience of surgery and afterwards. Also I’m 55 and had a total hysterectomy at 37 .

Any help would be so appreciated .

Thank you in advance


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I have this too but before I go down the surgery route I am trying physio. I too had a hysterectomy 4 yrs ago aged 42 which brought all this on. Ask your GP to refer u, my physio has told me so much information about why I am still getting pains after surgeries for endometriosis and had said she can feel lots of scar tissue and adhesions so she’s working on this. Good luck x

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Hi there thank you for your reply and I’m sorry you are still suffering . Bit also glad you have found a physio to help . My hysterectomy was also due to endometriosis but mine was total so no ovaries and in hrt since having operation. I am really feeling bad and down. I am very quiet and into myself . My husband is trying to keep me upbeat but I feel for him too. I don’t know what to do really . Take care

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I know how u feel, it suddenly made me feel old having a hysterectomy and a prolapse, I am 46 and have noticed so many changes to my skin and energy levels. I have covid at the moment so have spent 10 days isolating from the husband and kids, well I say kids but they are in their 20’s now. I sometimes go thru days when I just cry as I feel helpless and seem to have so much going on with the prolapse, mass on ovary and a right sided pain which really gets me down, I feel overwhelmed with it all. I am advised to have grnh jabs to help with the pain but I am not ready to deal with any further symptoms so I keep refusing and feel they think I don’t want to help myself. It’s not easy is it but u r not alone xx

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Hi , you have described how I feel to a tee . First I had endometriosis then hysterectomy , then hyperthyroid, treat with radioactive iodine which then made me hypo (underactive) I have suffered with severe hemiplegic migraines since I was 21 and im being investigated for heart murmur and now this ! I feel like how much more can I take xx thank you for listening , I feel it’s not something you talk about it to anyone . I’m trying to find out who is the best uro gynae in my area which is difficult because you can’t just ask your friends who they would recommend 😳 take care of yourself and thanks again x hope you are recovering from covid too and don’t have any after effects. It’s an awful virus and so far we have avoided it xx

Well, not really related as only have uterine prolapse and I’m 73. Just that I have resorted to going to see the top woman gynaecologist in Hull, East Riding Spire. Mainly out of desperation as not being able to get an appt with the dr at my local surgery who fitted a pessary which was a shock to me, and is taking me quite some time to adjust to this scenario, being fit, well and health conscious throughout my life! Not sure it’s going to work? I don’t want to have surgery and avoid all medication as long as possible. I can get appts within a week and see the same dr. To me this is worth it. I also use Spire, Hull for my glaucoma treatment. Unfortunately the NHS is struggling more now than ever, tho I realise I am seeing the same drs who work in the Nhs hospital but without 12month + wait…….unethical I know, but want to get on with what’s left of my life!! So basically I would recommend Spire and some instant feedback on your problems…keep smiling, sun is trying to come out on east coast!,

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Sixties123 in reply to Nikul

Thank you so much for your reply , I hope you are getting the treatment you need . I hope I’m not being intrusive by asking what ? If anything is the gynaecologist doing for you ? And I totally understand about going private , I work for the nhs and the wait times are now so long . I would be seeing an nhs gynae at spire Blackpool . But I have no idea if his/their reputation . Feeling rubbish about myself and I was grateful for your reply , especially the keep smiling part ❤️ Xx take care and hope things get better for you x

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Nikul in reply to Sixties123

Hi again! Well regarding treatment I had a pessary fitted for uterine prolapse by a local practise Gp. about a month ago. It was a case of trial and error to fit the right size, and I think this size needs changing as by lunch time and being active in the morning my uterus falls down again and have to push it back up and sit down and try to do kegel excercises. May sounds ridiculous to a lot of people I know, but I wanted a female Dr. Tho had 3babies in my 30+ yrs, and wasn’t bothered then!! Maybe it’s the getting “older person” syndrome and as I said it’s impossible to even get through to the receptionist let alone request being seen again by the same female Dr.

So I went to see the private gynaecologist, who works Nhs at Hull infirmary about 2 weeks back as really wanted some reassurance that everything was ok and gd to talk to someone about it and what to expect and do, apart from my own internet research and be re-examined with it in. It appeared to be fine but as it’s falling down more often since then and I can’t get an appt back at the local Gp practise I think this is the only way forward for me. I also intend to travel for a few weeks in EUROPE and get my life back on track. Time is running out too quickly!!

You can do some google research on the private Drs.Seem a lot work for both Nhs and top up privately as expect you know!

Basically I’m jumping the queue to c a gynaecologist which I would have to wait a long time for! And can’t get any appointment at local GP practise, and paying for it…an unfair society …tho seen worse when living and working overseas throughout my life. Brunch time here, hopefully in the garden! Take care

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