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Unexplained pelvic, hip & leg pain


In 2006, I was 18 years old when I fractured my right hip and the back of my pelvis in a car accident. I'm now almost 29 and ever since I've been having a sharp, shooting, sometimes radiating pain that starts in my hips or pelvis and shoots down my legs to my feet.

I've been seeing a doctor and he did an MRI of my spine and an Xray of my pelvis only to find absolutely nothing! He said he's "stumped" and can't find any reason why I'm hurting. This is very frustrating because how am I supposed to get treated for this pain when there's no proof!

*Sigh* Do YALL have any ideas? I'm in bed wanting the pain to go away so bad but there's nothing I can do. Tylenol doesn't work and neither does Meloxicam. 😞😭

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Sounds like it could be a trapped nerve which can't b seen on X Ray or MRI. Could b sciatic nerve or similar suggest this to your doctor and asked to be referred to a neurologist, pregablin or amitripitiline might ease your pain.

I do hope you find some relief from the pain keep positive !!


I definitely will! Thank you!


I as well have trapped nerves between 5-6spine they did the injection in the spine it's made worse I am on gabapentin 300mg 4 a day what is alreadyore the usually people can take in January I am going back there and they will put date of operation that's just what we have left and it's not been try but usually how said in other take a long relaxing camomile bath it's make calming down your nerves in your body of course plus pain killer really nothing else I was wanted the operation straight but they push me for that injection what paralysed me for 72hours was the hell of my life so if you can choose the fozikotherapy or operation but it's your choice if they let you to choose


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