Unexplained pelvic pain (yet again)?

Not quite sure if anybody can advise? I am suffering from constant pelvic pain for four years and during this time, there have been ovarian cysts removed, endometriosis removed twice and four rounds of menopause inducing injections but nothing completely relives the pain. A recent lap by a new gynae said everything looked normal. This is extremly upsetting as I am still in alot of pain and do not know what to do next.

I would appreciate any suggestions?? Thank you

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  • Hi Awnie,

    I am sorry you still don't have a good solution to all your problems, but you are not alone in this. After several years of examinations, ultrascans, laprascopies, biopsy, etc etc, I am on the point now too that I have not much of a diagnose until I arrived at the pain clinic. Apart that some of my tissues are now damaged in my pelvis, I am diagnosed with Tricker Pain Syndrome, which is - as you know - no laughing matter. Basically Tricker Pain Syndrome is caused either by irritated tissues (operations, infections, examinations, or injury) or serious stress in the past. There is nothing medical they can do about it, accept giving you painkillers and maybe some physiotherapy, but you can amend your life in a way that you have less stress - which is the hardest part ever, as I still can't do that myself. The idea is to reduce stress so you are coping much better with the pain and in the long run you should not feel the pain so. I am not saying you have Tricker Pain Syndrome, but since they haven't been able to find anything this time, perhaps the tissues in your pelvis are very irritated and/or perhaps you had some trauma/stress in the past that's causing it?

    Perhaps you should ask your GP first if it is a good idea to have a second opinion (depending on your symptoms and your medical past) and make absolutely sure there is nothing physical going on. If this is not a option OR you already had second opinion, perhaps ask the GP to get yourself referred to the pain clinic. I seriously hope they are able to do something for you. I wish you good luck and a pain free future.

    Take care.


  • Hi Awnie,

    I agree with Wendy's suggestions.

    Wendy, I have never heard of Tricker pain syndrome at any of the medical congresses or articles. Is this trigger point or myofascial syndrome ?

  • Thank you Judy and Wendy for you advice xx

  • I've had almost the same thing happen to me, I've had loads of scans etc, had an STI given to me when I was pregnant which has caused scarring, had mild endo removed, pain got worse and my second lap only showed a sticky ovary.....the dr's have now said i just have painful periods and IBS.....yeah ok whatever, I'm going to see my consultant soon so he can explain what is actually wrong with me....good luck x

  • Thanks for the comment. It helps to know I am not alone x

  • Hi Awnie i have had cronic pain in my pelvis since 06 ! i have changed my doctor , he is very understanding and is trying to help me get this sorted !! my advice is keep banging on to the doctors about it ! we know our bodies and we know there is something wrong !! why dont the doctors know more about this !! it seems to be getting quite common, my doctor is now refering me to a rhemothologist , will keep you all informed of the progress!! keep your chin up and keep fighting gud luck :-)

  • Thank you Sara Jane. Some of the 'top specialists' have said there is nothing wrong with me and just abandon me. Can't believe that the cause of the pain just can't be found and agreed on. Thanks again for the words of inspiration.

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