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I didn't realize there was a pelvic pain support!

I, of course, am new here. I am 60. At about 11 I had a bad fall that I am certain caused a deflated disk between L5/S1. I managed and lived with constant pain there, up until it getting horribly worse last few years causing me to get surgery last year, putting the vertebra in place with cage and screws once they picked broken pieces of disk out. Now things have switched to coccyx (tailbone) pain, 35% less back pain in that low back area and horrible hip pain that I did not have before. It is always worse when I walk. I have a young doctor who I am sure does not understand certain arthritic pain we get as we age so I know asking for any kind of pain meds is out of the question. See, I have a (deceased) Mom who used to abuse RX meds and now, if I just take a little once in a while to relieve my symptoms in a effort to function normally, I have a spouse and (grown) kids who think, "here she is, following in her Mom's footsteps". Heck, even if I did get addicted, I would never sleep. Those Hydrocodone, and Endocet pills work the opposite on me and cause a sleeplessness. Diclofenac causes bladder pain. Tylenol and advil causes me to have stomach pain. I am screwed! ;-) Anyway, does anyone out there have any help for this chronic hip pain?

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Hi rettalee55. Sorry that you are experiencing so much pain that seems to be exacerbated by emotional issues surrounding your Mom and family. My experience is different from yours, though we do have two things in common. I also am 60 and know about the complexity of having arthritic conditions complicate the original problem. Also, I have had experience with coccyx pain, though my main problem is connected to PN. I am in the UK and have been treated in London by a physiotherapist and chiropractor who I found via the PN website. I'm afraid I don't feel able to offer you specific advice re treatment, other than maybe try to find a different doctor. Have you come across the website If you haven't, I wonder whether you might be able to learn a bit more about how you might be able to deal with these problems and maybe find out about other doctors or PTs who understand your condition. I can understand your family's concern and I'm sure you have tried to explain that you are different from your Mom, but for your own sake I think that you need to put yourself first. I don't know what might suit you best, but I sometimes do meditation to reduce stress, which in turn can turn down the volume on the pain. It also gives you a bit of 'me time'. You can download various relaxation, meditation or hypnotherapy recordings that might help. I do hope that you find some relief soon. Good luck.

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Thank you very much for your reply and I will indeed check out that website you mentioned. Appreciate your time and input!


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