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Hi all im new to site have constant issues with pain in groin and abdomen

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Im 37 and two yrs ago I was admitted to hospital with severe pains in my stomach. I had scans and lots of tests and they said I had a small fibroid.they couldnt find anything else so put it all down to ruptured cysts in my pelvis. Since then I have had almost constant pain, bleeding and clots in between my periods, heavy painful periods and my ibs has bn playing up. I was sterilised 10years ago. I have had a scan and colposcopy recently which came back normal but they can never find my left ovary on my scans. Dr I saw this week due to pain in my groin and abdomen thinks I have a womb and tubal infection and prescribed antibiotics.it is still very very painful in my groin, abdomen and lower back.im urinating lot more too and im anaemic and on iron tablets.i just feel fobbed off cause this has been going on so long now and I feel like just ripping my insides out.i have to go back to gp on weds.im so fed up with it and I feel so drained I just lie on sofa all day. Sorry for moaning but im sick of this now and feel like people think im a hyperchondriac about my stomach.i want a hysterectomy to solve all this but told im too young and not got enough problems.a recent scan showed no fibroid

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Have they checked u for endrometriosis? I badit 3 times and my periods lazted like 18 plus days andwere ALWAYS heavy,with God wrenching pain in high school I missed 2 times a month at least,especially at the beginning.I also had cyst on my right ovary aswell.I think I had 3...you can have 3 periods a yr.now the pill didnt help back then,but now they can contrlo them better.I hope this has helped.Let me know if u. Have any questions,Id be glad to help.

find a urogyn in your area and try to first read reviews on whether they are compassionate and where tey trained. don't just go to anyone or they will make you feel bad or worse about yourself which no one needs.

Hi i am sorry i feel your pain !! I am 44 yrs i have constant period pains in my right ovary !! No one can detect what it

Hi have you heard of pelvic congestion syndrome? I'm having constant lower abdo pain, which along with my lower back and pelvis problems, is not helpful! I read about this and it exactly matches my symproms. I'm going to mention this at my next GP appointment as there is a specific test they can do.

Hi thanks for the replies. Felt a little better this morning but the aching is returning.going back to drs on weds and going to ask again about hysterectomy.im constantly tired and can barely stay awake which I put down to my anaemia but iv bn on iron for over a week now and dont feel any different to before. Ill let you know what dr says on weds.im going to look into pelvic congestion syndrome too

Went back to gp today and he now thinks its an issue with my large bowel and has put me donperedome tablets.iv been up all night with chronic diarreah but there is a bug going around. I feel so ill.weak and achy all over, painin groin stomach and sides.i am drained and can barely stay awake.im so fed up I just wann cry.he gave me an internal today and it was so painful:( I give up cause iv had enough and im so tired of it:(

Ive been diagnosed with ibs. Im now being tested for cushings due to other issues which I didnt realise could be related to my stomach probs

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