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Ventral mesh rectopexy



I had mesh rectopexy 8 years ago and had terrible pain and severe constipation ever since.,

Within a few weeks the prolapse came back

The specialist is ignoring how I'll I have been and refusing to admit the problems I'm suffering is due to this dreadful mesh

I have been discharged from his clinic on several occasions NO HELP.

I have now developed dilated pelvis veins and fluid retention in legs making walking difficult and painful.

C T scan proven it is my massively dilated bowel causing pressure and causing this.

I get recurrent bouts of flourish because of my bowel pressing on my lungs.

I can't eat a proper meal because it makes me ill.

Pain and bloated abdomen.

Irrigation no longer works.

Even when I'm not constipated passing anything is severely painful

I know it's this mesh causing my bowel to dilate.

According to my c t scan I have several loops of dilated bowel and diverticulitis disease.

Anyone suffering these symptoms? How do I get this surgeon to take me seriously? My g p has referred me back on 17 April she wants answers why my bowel is dilated.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi Ellie,

I’m sorry to hear of the pain you are suffering along with the other symptoms you have mentioned. Are you in the U.K.? I don’t know where you live but have you considered seeing the Specialist at UCLH who is considered an expert in mesh removal. I don’t know how long the waiting times are for first appt but you could always ring the secretary and ask for a round about figure. I’m not sure if this service is available via choice and book as some services are available via this service so your GP or specialist if you still want to see him. Have a think and let me know. Take care of yourself - I’m having a hot chocolate, hot water bottle and cosy blanket day today myself 😊

Ellie2011 in reply to Alaine1


Thank you for your kind words.

I live in Stockton. U K.

I am seeing the surgeon who did this to me again on 17 April.

My G P wanted me to go back to see him as he needs to explain to me why my bowel is so massively dilated and why my pelvic veins have now dilated due to the pressure from my massive bowel.

I have been referred back to him on 6 occasions but he sends his junior Dr in to see me as he doesn't want to answer any questions I ask.

I have been discharged each time. I am now so poorly I am struggling with daily life.

I am determined I am not leaving the clinic until he answers my questions this time.

I will make a complaint if he fails to take me seriously this time.

I am sure there will be more patients than me suffering because of this mesh that this surgeon has operated on.

Wish there was a way of finding out. I'm sure I'm not alone

Wish I had never had this done.

I only found out he had used a mesh cage as he described it after the surgery.

I never knew it could be the cause of my symptoms.

I should have been made aware of the complications. I would never have had it done.

Feel so angry

I believe legal action is being taken by some patients who have suffered following mesh surgery - various parts of the country (UK). Perhaps you could contact a legal firm which deals with medical claims. Just a suggestion.

My consultant has told me such surgery is no longer routinely performed in the USA because of legal action for compensation.

I hope you can get the surgeon to take you seriously.

Best wishes.

Yes, I ended up with a colectomy and permanent ileostomy. Best decision I made.

hi ellie, l am so glad l found out this information as l to have terrible pin stinging pains and l thought it was due to scar tissues from previous operations, l also have weak bowel muscles which have not improved at all, it as been 6 months since my op and my consultant cancelled my first outpatients appointment and l had to cancel the 2nd appointment due to a death in the family l then had another appointment come through which again they cancelled and now l have to go on the 9th April and l feel l must speak up to how l feel and to see if this is normal after 6 months.

Ellie2011 in reply to Ginnyfrump

Hi sweetie.

Have you had ventral mesh rectopexy too? It's worst thing I ever had done. It's ruined my health. My bowel is so dilated and my pelvis veins have also dilated because of the massive bowel. I'm trying to get the mesh removed. Hope you feeling better.

Hi, I am new to this site and have recently been diagnosed with rectocele, my doctor is trying to push ventral mesh rectopexy on me. I have just read your experience regarding to that surgery. How are you doing now? Did your doctor remove the mesh? What are you doing to manage your symptoms. Your suggestions are welcome, I have been sad, distressed and frustrated with rectocele symptoms and really want to see improvement.

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