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Stomache/abdominal pain

I am hoping for some kind of answers for im.unsure of what kind of Dr to see the middle of my stomach has been experiencing servere pain and I have pancreatic cancer that runs in my family they said my pancreas is ok, but I should see a GI DR due to it being possible it's related to the intestines. I already have several polyps removed in the last year as well as an abolomation something like that where they went in on June 3rd and burned my uterus lining. I was wondering if that could be related? Thank you carebear928

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Hi, I think with your medical / surgical history and family history it is best not to ignore symptoms of abdominal pain. I think it is best to go back to the Doctor who did your surgery last year. This Doctor is best to advise you and to decide if you need further tests or referral to a gastro-enterologist who will arrange for you to have further tests on your gastro-intestinal system. The main thing is to stay calm and not think the worst. Abdominal pain could be due to less serious conditions. The main thing is to get checked over as soon as possible for peace of mind. I wish you all the best, if you need further support contact us again.

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