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Abdominal lump, no answers, adhesions pelvic pain

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So, as you can see, I have this right side lump that comes & goes. Mainly there in the morning. Rarely can see it during day/night. Tender to push on throughout the day. I can feel it tighten and release.

Had CT scans and ultrasound (internal too) bloodwork, everything is completely normal. Nothing was detected. No masses. Appendix fine. Which is great, but no one knows what it is.

I have dealt with a abdominal adhesions and pelvic adhesions binding my organs to my abdominal wall in the past, and I’ve had them cut for some relief, I kind of think it could be adhesions again that are just pulling things where they shouldn’t be. (I’ve had two C-sections and two scopes) The doctor doesn’t wanna go back in since all my test results are normal because if it is adhesions then it’s just going to create more and more. Sometimes it’s painful to touch and move, it’s just getting so old I just wish there was an answer.

Sometimes it’s burning pain, cramps like period. Some days it’s ok, others it’s a pain.

Not sure what to do or who to see at this point.

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Maybe it is some scar tissue... that is healing abnormaly.. i now if you get abnormal scars on legs on hands.. then you suppose to do special massage.. that can be painful.. but i dont know if there is masages for abdomen scar tissues.. maybe it is worh cheking out..

Hi, I'm new to this site....and it's definitely not a hernia?!?!

Hello. They said I have a very small belly button one. So I’d assume not to cause that big bump.

I’d say hernia?

Hi, has anyone said irritable bowel syndrome, just a thought. It can make bowel swell like that and spasm too. Mine was like that once, used to go up and down. Or maybe hernia if there all the time, some sort of prolapse, just guessing here. Hope you find the cause, all the best.Suzie

Is it possible endometriosis

I thought so, but when I had my scope for it, she said she didn’t see any.

Hi, if it comes and goes, could it be when your bowels are full? I know it might sound odd, but as food travels through the colon, it could go into spasm at certain stages, if you are experiencing period like cramps, it certainly sounds plausible. If the doctors have done all possible tests, it might just be that. I was going to suggest fibroids, until you said it comes and goes. I had very large fibroids and I had a large lump in a similar place, but obviously they don’t move or ‘come and go’, it would cause cramping, especially at a certain time of the month.

With regard to spasms in the bowel, which cause IBS, have you noticed any particular foods causing problems? For example constipation/diarrhoea?

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