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Left abdominal pain

I am having left abdominal pain, left pelvic pain, and left back pain . I had a hysterectomy 5 yrs ago due to endometriosis . I've had recently several studies which are negative . They checked for kidney stones, ct if abdomen and pelvis for answers..... Negative . Colonoscopy , negative . Bloodwork , negative . They said its probably ibs . But I don't have bloating , diarrhea, constipation,and its only left side .... Help !!!!

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Do you know whether any adhesion prevention method was used during your surgery ? This could be adhesions


I'm wondering seriously if its adhesions . I go see a surgeon on the 3rd . I hope he scopes me so he can see . This is horrible


There is useful information about adhesions on our website to read before you see the surgeon and also about laparoscopy


It could be your ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric nerves. Google Dr Lee Dellon and read his chapters on Pelvic and groin pain, they are free on his website. I have this after hysterectomy


Adhesions don't cause pain themselves only if they are pulling on nerves.


Hi. I had a hysterectomy via the vagina and was left in terrible pain on my left side below hip area and in groin and then in my vagina and bottom. Check out with a good nerve specialist that it is not nerve damage. I was diagnosed with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. Go to a good Dr. As soon as poss.

With best wishes.


Hi Jennifer10,

I too am suffering largely left sided hip, knee, back, buttock and leg pain after a total hysterectomy in Dec 2011. I am therefore interested to hear that you have already undergone some testing whilst I have only just done Physio and X- Rays all which have not really helped. (They decided it could be Arthritis - usual wear and tear etc etc.). At the moment my thought processes are that it could be one of 4 things :

1. Endometriosis missed during my operation which has continued to be active

2. Scarring affecting nerves, muscles and my ability to obtain a proper core strength thus leaving me 'unconditioned'

3. Something abdominal but completely unrelated to Endometriosis issues

4. Any combination of the above!

My Dr has agreed to investigate the Endometriosis option next and I have an appointment next week at a BSGE accredited centre for Endometriosis. I was always told that I may have some residual pain from my operations but my pain has increased and mobility is becoming compromised to a point that I at least want to understand what is causing these problems. The symptoms are very similar to my pre hysterectomy pain. Am anticipating it will be a process of elimination but feel that I have to DO something.

Will certainly look into some of the suggestions that the other replies have made - very helpful.

Hope you find some answers soon

Kind Regards


Thank you so much for your post . I'm scheduled next week to see a surgeon about possible scope to see if there is anything in my abdomen pelvis that is causing my pain . One dr says maybe irritatable bowel but I tely don't think so . I'm never constipated or have diarrhea. Today I'm doing an experiment an have only eaten bananas and yogurt and have drank lots of water. The pain is still there from yesterday but not as bad . I'm picking up a rx for Bentyl now . So I guess ill see


It's good that you are getting it checked out. Best of luck - let us know how you get on x


Hi, I was under the impression that endometreosis wasn't curable and even after total excision and hysterectomy ENdo can still rear its ugly head, because it is an immune disease and it feeds of estogen, and although your body no longer has the cycle as it were, we still produce estogen and therefore can still 1) feed any Endo that may of been left behind and 2 still grow new endo, are you seeing an endo specialist, if it is similar pain to that of what pyou used to have, I woukd suggest a bsge specialist

Good luck I hope you get some releif soon.


This is true and I believe the surgeries that are done for endo if not performed by a Dr who is very knowledgeable abou pelvic nerves these nerves get nicked during surgery causing further harm. Nerves take a long time to

Heal and the pain is horrendous


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