Lower Left Abdominal pain-severe

I have such Severe pain in my lower left abdomen that I can't walk, even the vibration of blowing my nose brings me to gripping the painful area which somehow supports it. I've been under a Urologist for two years & even been operated on believing it was intestitual cystitis. When I need the loo it seems to add to the pain & once I've been, it eases, but only slightly. The same with releasing wind as that eases it too. I struggle to pass faeces & am most often constipated, yet it seems to soften during one of these episodes. I have been crippled with the pain which is constant, for over a week now. I am having a colonoscopy soon to investigate it. The pain is so bad that I cannot leave the house, but forced myself last night, only to end up sitting alone, doubled up-I then spent that night feeling sick. I don't know if certain foods set it off but believe it is stress related. I do eat a hi fibre diet & rarely ear processed foods. Any suggestions?!

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  • I would go to A&E if the pain is so bad at the moment. Maybe them seeing you during an episode would help? At least they could help with pain relief. Sorry I can't be more help. Take care.

  • Thanks-I agree but the pain is so bad I can't even walk in the house to re-heat the heat pads. And waiting 10-12 days for a GP App doesn't help. Called Dr to me today & they sent a junior who wasn't allowed to prescribe!😬

  • It sounds like it could be a pain coming from your lumber spine. I had pain in the left hand side of my lower abdomen which was a bit like a stitch( of the kind you might get from running) but lower down.

    It made me continually nauseated, in a lot of pain from walking ,while running became impossible. The first specialist I went to see was a Urologist, as I felt it on the left of my genitals and thought it might be coming from there.

    I bothered the Urologist 2 or 3 times ,without any conclusive result, before I went to a rheumatologist and he reckoned that it was referred pain from the lower spine. He sent me for physiotherapy. That didn't help,unfortunately, but chiropractic treatment did.

  • i'm intrigued by your post.

    what did your chiropractitioner say about our pain and did he manipulate you from your back or front.

    are you guy or gal?

  • Sorry for the delay in responding. The chiropractor put the pain down to a problem with a transitional vertebra.

    It's very difficult to describe the main manipulative movement that they do for my problem,and it's a while since I've had it done.

    I would certainly start with lying on my back for this, so you could say that I am manipulated from the front. Though I think the chiropractor reaches around to the back at the same time. Sorry I can't be more precise.

    And I'm a guy.

  • thanks for your reply.

    i wonder if this could be my problem.

    now its 5 years of left sided abdominal pain for me.

    the urologist diagnosed my problem as 'chronic pelvic pain' but as i was leaving he asked me how my back was.

    i know i have a dodgey lumber disc but as i,m retired and live a relatively idle life, i have no back pain.

    of course i've had all sorts of tests with relavent specialists but no joy.

    so i just live with it.

    my theory is that something has sagged either in my lady parts ,plumbing etc. and that sooner or later it will become obvious.

    i may just go find me a chiropracter.


  • Well, I'm glad to be of help my dear :-)

    Best of luck with it.

  • This sounds ominous as Ive also just had a hip replacement & mid tests on my spine as they made the leg 3/4" longer! See my other replies re walking. I have been under a urologist for two yrs & even had an Op thinking was intestitual cystitis but as they can't conclude this I've suggested it may be bowel. I had a GP visit for same pain, in lower left side a month ago & the Dr diagnosed diverticulitis & gave antib's which help until you eat the wrong thing. Trouble is I don't know what the wrong things are! I believe this was started by stress. The pain is 20 times more severe than a stitch & is constant & crippling. Thanks

  • I'm curious, was it the chiropractor that told you the pain is coming from your lumbar spine? Because the sensation to your genitals is supplied by the pudendal nerve, and this is not in your spine. It does stem from nerves coming from the sacral spine, so manipulation of the muscles and nerves around here can have impact on the pudendal nerve, and vice versa. But if you have pain in your genitals, it is most likely that the pudendal nerve is the culprit. Have you explored this route?

  • rheumatologists , physiotherapists and chiropractors all said that it referred from lumber region - which is where I'd also had more or less continual pain,on that same side, for several years.

    It was chiropractic treatment that first provided any effective pain relief(aside from drugs) for my lower back, treatment that simultaneously improved the groin pain.

  • What does the pain feel like? Is it sharp, stabbing, pulling, aching, cramping? Is there anything that precipitated this event? Is your pain relieved immediately following urination/defecation or does it slowly go away? I recommend you see your GYN doctor asap. You should have an exam and he/she will most likely test for infection and maybe get a ct scan or ultrasound. Even if it ends up being something else, it is easy to rule out these issues which typically cause this type of pain.

  • Constant stabbing, cramping, gripping pain that doesn't let up for a second. Pain killers don't work & I am on some pretty strong ones. Urination/deification is painful but gives temporary relief. I am due to have a colonoscopy on 14th (next week) & dreading it as I have been unable to leave the house for a week now-I am struggling to even walk to the microwave for heat pads. Nothing precipitated this that I am aware of apart from a lot of stress (I refer to in another reply). I've now started being sick & have headaches but haven't eaten for x2 days as I don't know what sets it off. So am even more worried now. I have another GP coming tomorrow.

  • I'm sorry this is happening to you. Extreme pain can often cause nausea/vomiting, and your headaches are most likely tension headaches caused by your body reacting to the pain. Pain like this can have many side effects, phisiological and psychological, that make it worse than just the pain itself. Hopefully the colonoscopy will show something, but if it doesn't, don't give up. It sounds like something is being aggravated by the pressure of increased size of organs in your pelvic region, like a full bladder or bowel. Unfortunately, there are a lot of organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels in that area that could be the culprit. Don't let the GP pigeonhole you into a gastrointestinal cause just because you have those symptoms. Make sure you also explore gynocological, spinal, urinary, and muscular reasons. Good luck. I hope you find some answers.

  • Thanks. CT Scan now on 30th. (not having a Colonoscopy-got that wrong-it's not advised)

  • Good. I'm glad they aren't putting you through that unnecessarily. Don't be surprised if the CT scan doesn't show anything. There are a lot of things that don't show up on those scans.

    I hope you are getting support from your friends and family. I'm currently having a lot of difficulty with that, and the stress has made my condition worsen. It's amazing how that works, isn't it? The pain causes stress, and the stress causes pain, so it makes it so much harder to progress towards getting better! It's so hard to stay positive...

  • Are you sure you don't have a partial blockage or twist in your bowels. Your Sigmoid colon is lower left abdomen. It could also be an inguinal hernia. Does the pain refer into your groin at all?

  • I am thinking along those lines myself. My CT Scan (Not having a colonoscopy- got that wrong) was delayed til 30th Nov 16-I should know more the following week

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