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Absent ovary showing follicular changes

Has anyone else had something like this on ultrasound.  My rt ovary and part of the tube were removed due to torsion 15 years ago. Now the ultrasound, a few months ago, shows follicular changes.

When I asked the Dr they said full removal is not done in kids (I was 11). The finding is normal. 

Problem is 1 yr ago an us showed a possible seroma on the rt. No ovary. I also have a csect report from 9 yr that mentions the absence of the rt ovary and part of the tube.

My main pain problem is on the left. There are focal pains on the rt, too though. A seroma makes sense, but not follicular changes.

I have not been able to find ovarian regrowth info on humans. Cats can have retained ovarian remnants after full ovarian hysterectomy. They are not usually found near where the ovaries were, they grow elsewhere in the pelvis/abdomen.

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