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I had a laparoscopy a few weeks ago that discovered I had endometriosis. Prior to this I was having a lot of pelvic pain that felt like period pain when I ran. My recovery from the surgery was much harder than I had expected but I'm really keen to start running again i'm just worried about causing damage? My doctor said I could run as soon as I feel ok and I generally feel ok (just a bit bruised from the incisions) I'm just worried that if I start back too soon I could make it worse or something?

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  • What about doing a short distance to start with to see how you get on. Was it a diagnostic or therapeutic laparoscopy ? that is did they just look or did they remove tissue during the procedure ?

  • The plan was Diagnostic but they lasered off some of the endometriosis when they found it, hopefully all of it, but I was told By my doctor that it's difficult to tell if it's all gone or not. i wasn't really prepared for how difficult the surgery would be, my doctor had kind of made out that it was no big deal and I don't feel he's been particularly helpful with giving me info about the procedure afterwards either. I think you're right though I should start off with a short distance and see how I go

    Thank you

  • If you need further surgery it maybe worth looking into surgical techniques, ie. non laser surgery but with an expert in removing endometriosis deposits . In some countries these are surgeons who specialize in dealing with cancer as I gather you are in Australia.

  • You do not have anything to lose by taking it slowly, and could cause serious problems if resume too much exercise too soon. Maybe you are missing the natural "high" from vigorous exercise and need to do some things to keep up your spirits while moderating exercise?

  • I just really miss running! But that's what I'm worried about, doing damage and extending my healing time. I'm not really sure what else there is that gives the same high as exercise

  • Hi I have undergone a lot of laparoscopies for endo and exercising after a few weeks did cause pain. I found it best to wait 6 to 8 weeks before doing rigorous exercise. I would try going on some long walks as found that was ok or just try a slow run but limit yourself and only do 30% of your normal routine and up it slowly. If you get pain stop and have a break for a day or two, the key is not to over do it.Unfortunately I can't exercise now as I have severe spinal osteoarthritis. I really miss it. If you do get a bit of pain after turmeric tablets are a good natural anti inflammatory, you can get them online or from health food stores.

  • Thank you everyone for your advise, I'm really hoping that the endo is gone, or at least mostly gone (and that it stays under control with the pill) so I don't have to have any further procedures but I think taking it slow is a good idea, I'm really really hoping it takes less than 6 weeks though!

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