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Details of my Laparoscopy 7th August 2012

I am just letting any of you out there that are waiting to have a laparoscopic operation for Endometriosis what it is like and how I fell now.

I had my operation just over a week ago and I would say today is one of the first days I feel okay to get up and move around the house a little although I am still in a lot of pain and I am taking regular paracetamol, Ibrufen, Audomonal, Tramadol and Senokot to help alieviate the constipation which I have any way but can be made much worse from taking Tramadol.

My surgery lasted around 3 hours and I was shown some pictures of my insides before and after surgery which was great as I could see the difference that the surgeon had made, he had used diathermy to take away the adhesions, unstick my bowel from my womb and he mobilised my ovaries and tubes as they could not be seen on the before picture as they was wrapped in scar tissue, adhyleosis was the name the surgeon gave to the adhesions. He did say that it was very severe and he did not manage to treat it all due to him not being able to carry out a procedure on my bowel and I had not been given a bowle preparation prior to my operation, which I do think should be mandatory. I did however for my own piece of mind use a strong enema before I went to hospital which just made me feel better.

The surgeon was very professional and gave me a lot information, but I did only get to see Dr Idama as I paid private to go and see him at Fairfield hospital as Warrington hospital fobbed me off by telling me there was nothing wrong with me, I simply had a cyst on my ovary which a lot of women get and the pain must be from something else, I will not name the Dr but he was so unhelpful and unkind and did not listen to me at all, he told me to be thankful that I already had a son and that the pain should be managed with painkillers every day if needs be but that I defiantly did not have Endometriosis because the scan showed nothing which I know that ultra sound cannot see Endometriosis anyway and that the CA125 test was so low I also did not have it either which again is not always accurate.

To anyone out there who is suffering please do not be fobbed off as I was for a year and eventually paid private and got treated straight away but some people may not I understand have the money to go private but what you can do is keep going back to your Dr.

I teach students aged 16 plus Beauty therapy and makeup and I shall be raising awareness of Endometriosis in my tutorials as I always discuss women's health and breast cancer but from being off work sick and going back to work I have realised that not a lot of staff or students know what Endometriosis is or how debilitating it can be if not treated correctly and so this is now my mission to raise more awareness and to raise money from charity events.

Any questions please ask and if anyone has any ideas of where I can get posters or information to display for students in the communal areas please get in touch and let me know thank-you.

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Thank you for this detailed summary of your recent surgery. I have a history of cysts due to endometriosis. They can be really painful. PPSN has been doing education sessions for university students for several years now and the feedback is that the vast majority of them have no awareness. We always take our A5 leaflet and also have A4 posters which we use at our display table at events. If you would like some of these just let me know what address they should go to: We would be pleased to hear about fundraising ideas


Well done you! It continues to amaze me how people with pelvic pain are simply not treated by the NHS. Are we are the 'dustbin brigade' or can they just not be bothered?

I hope your recovery is uneventful and swift.


Hi Judy, thank-you for your reply I have emailed you my details, thank-you.

Hi Helen thank-you and yes it amazes me too! I actually felt suicidal at times the pain was so bad and still I was being told it was in my head, I was given anti-depressants and told that it would get better if I took these! Finally yes I went private after feeling so low and the Dr immediately could see my frustration, examined me

,LISTENED to me and said straight away, has no one ever suggested Endometriosis? I think that you may have it and I would like to perform a Laporoscopic operation and he also transferred me back onto the NHS as he also worked at an NHS hospital so that I only had to pay the initial consultation fee in the end which was a god send really but I would have continued to pay the fees! He said I had been totally fobbed off and he was disappointed in the way in which I had been treated. Thank God for Dr Idama! He truly has saved my life, I am still in pain today from my operation but nothing compared to the pain that I was in and I am now hopeful for the future. I am due on my first period soon and I will feedback to others what the pain & the bleeding is like.

I wish you good health too Helen.


Melanie-I was in exactly the same situation as yourself with severe pain to the point of passing out.I had 10 years on and off of being told it could cysts and just to take pain killers. I too had had a baby which had stopped the pain for approx 2 years.It came to the point when I had to get a doctor out to my home due to the fact I was in such extreme pain.She was one of the young female doctors at the practice and immediatley sent me for a referral for a Laparoscopy. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis on my ovary and bladder .It took a total of 12 months from initial referral to Op(They wanted me to try a Mirena Coil first but this had no effect)I had my ovary removed and stents put in my urinary tract to ensure any further adhesions would not effect my bladder.Going for my 3 month post op check up next week & I have not experienced the extreme pain during my periods since before the op.Good luck & good health.


Thank-you Glasgalass- Soory to hear your pain too! Really glad to hear that you have not experienced the pain during your periods since before the op! Happy health to you!

I am slowly feeling better although yesterday I went out for a walk, big mistake, I felt very dizzy and was in a lot of pain, I think it must have been standing up for too long, so I think laying down at home is the way for at least another week!

I am feeling positive though and I am sure all this pain will be worth it, but just to mention the Mirena coil, I had that fitted too and it was not good for my mood or reasoning with th world.

My Dr did say I had Endometriosis, Adhyleosis and he mobilised both ovaries although one was not 100% mobilised and he also mobilised both tubes as they where all wrapped in adhesions, the pictures he showed me where very visual! He also said my bowel was stuck to my my womb and he has released that slightly but it was difficult as my case was particularly extensive & not very straight forward.

I live in hope that I will feel better soon and I will be able to stop taking Ibrufen, paracetamol, Audomonal, Amitriptyline, Tramadol & Senokot to counteract the Tramadol effects to the bowel! My god I feel like a right pill popper but it does keep me sain!

I think listening to others helps you understand that your not alone and that other cases are also not straight forward and that a lot more research needs to be done with 'pelvic pain' and women suffering which hopefully I will be able to help with during my charity events at college.

Thanks once again and good health to you too!


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