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1st Laparoscopy Jitters

Hello everyone or anyone who reads this. I'm a little younger than you guys with pelvic pain or endometriosis. I'm 16. I've had this undiagnosed constant pelvic pain since I was appx. 12 or 13. Throughout the years I've been off and on birth controls in the attempt to stop the pain. I have no need for birth control pills since I'm not and never have been sexually active. So here I am 16 and anxiously awaiting my 1st laparoscopy on the 18th of this month. I'm super nervous but in feel like I shouldn't be because it's simply outpatient?..I don't know. If ANYONE of you wonderful ladies can offer any comfort from experience please reply to my post. It's 2 weeks away and the as each day passes I get more and more anxious. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I'm due in on the 21st for my first laparoscopy as my gyne doc thinks my pains could be endo too, I'm worried about the op and I'm 39, lol, probly more worried that they don't find anything as I'm in daily pain and need relief soon, if they find and endo my consultant is going to exsice (cut) it out, are you due for treatment if its found to be endo?

Good luck, let me no how it goes into


Hi there, I had my first laparoscopy at 17 so I can understand how nervous you are. I'm sure you will be well looked after and everything will be explained to you. Mine was many years ago, but not as painful as I expected. The only odd thing I remember is some shoulder pain afterwards which I understand is just the last little bit of gas (they put in you tummy so they can see everything clearly) working its way out. I was back at school after 48 hours. Do you have someone going with you? Will they let someone stay with you all day because of your age? It is an important diagnostic tool if a simple measures cannot treat the pain. You don't explain much about the type of pain you experience and if it is related to periods etc, but of course I am not an expert. Be careful if people suggest causes etc, we are all so different and there is nobody better than your doctor to diagnose you. But happy to share feelings, symptoms and experiences etc on here. It is an excellent source of support and friendship. Good luck and keep us updated as to how you get on. Take care.

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My pain is constant. It does seem to get worse around period time but yet it's constant. The depo provera shot shut off my periods but the pain was still there. Sometimes on bad days or after I work a long shift at work it's impossible to get comfortable. No position can make it bearable. Sometimes it radiates down my legs and in my butt area. My mom will be around for the surgery and My aunties will be coming to visit as well. Thanks so much!!! I'll keep you in the loop! :)


Is your pain cyclical in nature? Don't rule out pelvic nerves as a cause of pain. If no endometriosis is found seek information on the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric, and genitofemoral nerves. I had these injured before my first lap and it went unnoticed by my obgyn. I then had a partial hysterectomy and was left in pain. 2 years later I found out from a neurosurgeon which nerves were causing me so much pain. Have you seen a pelvic floor physical therapist? I would get a work up from an experienced pt, this can help release any muscle tension caused by guarding due to the pelvic pain. Amy Stein wrote a book called "Healing Pelvic Pain" it's good please look into that. The lap is no big deal, you will ok.


Hi Shandrell,

I was 15 when I had my first laparoscopy and I couldn't find anyone to speak to about it so I understand how anxious you will be feeling. It's especially tough to talk to friends who don't really understand endo - girls will say 'oh, yeah, I get period pain too', and boys, well, teenage boys are best left out of it entirely!

Please try not to feel anxious. I know that's easier said than done, but it's a routine and very safe procedure and it's extremely important in getting the official diagnosis you need. If you do have endo, the sooner you can get it diagnosed, the better.

I'll tell you what I did that I found helpful:

- Make sure you have someone to go with, even if they can't stay with you it's nice to have someone to be by your side while you do all the random tests and paperwork etc before the procedure. It takes your mind off it and you can even have a giggle (my mum came with me and put on one of those awful hospital gowns over her clothes and danced with me to make me laugh). If you don't have someone with you then take a magazine or book to read, or maybe a notebook so you can plan your dream holiday or something - anything to distract you while you wait. Don't take revision! (I'm a teacher so you can take this advice from me - you won't concentrate if you try to take schoolwork lol) If you have any questions or concerns, maybe write them down before you go to the hospital so you can ask the nurse/doctor without forgetting anything. And don't feel guilty for asking them to explain things clearly or answer your questions - that's what they're there for.

- Wear comfy, loose clothes or take some that you can wear when you leave - stretchy jogging bottoms or your favourite leggings - nothing with a belt buckle or tight waistband as that could be uncomfortable. You have to take all jewellery off for surgery so ask whoever picks you up to bring any jewellery you really need so you can put it on again afterwards. I know it's a bit silly but I find this really helpful as I feel like I'm myself again (I have some jewellery which is really special to me so I like to put it back on again asap)

- Have supplies ready for when you get home - it sounds silly but mints are essential. Peppermint tea, peppermint oil, suckable peppermint sweets, anything with peppermint - trust me, it helps with the gas. You might feel bloated and full, and the gas gradually works its way up to under your shoulder blades where it can get trapped. It's not really painful or anything to worry about, but it can be uncomfortable. It will fade as the gas dissolves away, so it doesn't last long, but peppermint will help in the meantime. I actually take a pack of peppermint sweets to the hospital and start eating them as soon as I wake up! If your pain is pelvic nerve related, it could be unsettled after the surgery, so if you need a cushion or heat pad for the drive home that could be useful (depending on how bumpy your route home is this is useful anyway!)

Also a warm pad or hot water bottle that you can hold on your tummy once you're home can be helpful sometimes. They should give you some painkillers but ask them which you are allowed to take. If you feel up to it, then some gentle yoga stretches can help with the bloating as well, but take care not to overdo it. Have a few of your favourite movies ready too, or a TV series, so you can curl up in front of the TV with a duvet (and your peppermint tea!) for the rest of the day. Also make sure you have some water or juice (not fizzy drink) and keep drinking throughout the day when you get home - it helps to flush out the anaesthetic so you feel less groggy. Also make sure you have some pads ready at home as you might get some bleeding (but you can't use tampons for a few days - check exactly how long with your doctor).

After recovery, your stitches might be itchy (mine always are but everyone reacts differently) - if yours are then you can ask for some cream to stop the itching, otherwise you will be tempted to scratch them and that could pull the stitches. They have a good cream which they give me so I can't feel my stitches at all.

I think that's about it, if I think of anything else I will let you know. But I find that being prepared with these little bits helps me a lot. And like I said, try not to worry. It's a very common procedure and will hopefully be really useful for you.

If you are worried at all in the next week or have any questions about facing endo at 16, feel free to contact me anytime :-)

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

I will be thinking of you on the 18th,

Ellie xxx


Ms.Ellie thank you sooooooooo much for your kind and encouraging words. I will make sure I take all of your advice. Only 2 more days :/. I'll keep you all posted!!



Hello! I'm now recovering. They found nothing unfortunately. I've been eating soup for dinner and trying to keep down on the nausea. I'm hurting badly. I heard the first 3 days are the worst. I believe it too. They prescribed oxycodone so I've been trying to stay on schedule with it. Just wanted to keep you updated. :)


Sounds like everyone here has given you pretty good advice so far. I agree and just wanted to offer support.

Yes, it definitely makes all of us anxious, especially the first time. That's perfectly normal. My first was when I was 17 and what helped me the most with anxiety was listening to my music and being in my happy zone on way there and all the way until they took me back. I also told the people working on me that I was anxious and they were great with helping me. One held my hand, one told jokes. They really understood.

As someone already mentioned, loose clothes, peppermints and a nice, comfy place to curl up at home and sleep afterwards are all great.

Good luck to you. Sending positive thoughts your way.


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