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Pain after urination-help?

Hi all I wondered if you have any advice at all. I have had pain as though I had a water infection for 18 months! As it was only slight and didn't get worse, I didn't visit the doctors until it got tiresome. Anyhow, I was surprised to find out that I did have an infection. Took antibiotics and felt a lot better apart from still a slight sting and pain after I urinate. I went back to the doctor who said it was trush and I tried the cream, but it's definitely not thrush. I went to a walk in centre who tested my urine and definitely haven't got any infection "at all", and said it might be slight cystitis so I took the sachets and still no better. I'm absolutely fine most of the time but as soon as I urinate, I get pain afterwards and it lasts for around 30mins to an hour- then fine again and so on. My doctors have sent me for a scan but in the meantime has anyone else experienced this? It almost feels like I have a cut in my urethra and my urine is irritating it? Could it be inflamed due to me having a water infection for so long? If it is this, is there any medication for it or will it go soon? (It's currently been a month since I completed my antibiotics) any help is appreciated. To summarise, it is always after I urinate- not before and not during.

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Hi, this sounds exactly like me! I've been told it's nerve damage so am currently on pregablin to hopefully calm the nerves down and am having pysiotherspy as I'm very tender around muscles near uretha etc - I also have back ache which can be a symptom too. If I was you I'd have a chat with a physiotherapist who deals with women's health as it may be a muscle spasm xx


Could be from the pudendal nerve. Check out The Chronic Pain Train for more info on this subject. Sorry for your suffering


I've had this for 4 months, have your urine samples been cultured in the lab ? the dip test they do in the surgery doesn't always pick up the infection, I have had 3 absolutely clear tests done at my GPs but all 3 came back from the lab showing infection. Im off to see a Urologist soon as a scan showed my left kidney is dilated probably due to all the infections.

I don't know your age but lack of oestrogens can cause pain in the urethra and bladder, topical hrt works really well.

I hope you find out what's wrong, do share if you find a solution.


Have you ever heard of interstititial cystitis. You may get a urologist. Check out The Chronic Pain Train on Facebook. It offers info about this.

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I have had this same pain. Dr. Raz, urologist UCLA told me that my urethra was infected and that doesn't show on the tests. Its called urethritis . I've been told by other doctors that every time you get an infection that scar tissue forms and that causes these issues. I know how miserable this pain is. Sorry for your suffering.


Have you ever been tested for lyme disease (its hard to test for and recommend MDL, or Medical Diagnostic Laboratories as they will show you what percentage of the band you have, like a pregnancy test no such thing as a little pregnant, 20% is still an infection and the CDC will only report if its over 60% and to be CDC positive you have to have 5+ bands over 60% to be positive- not very fair in my opinion if you have symptoms)? This is a symptom of Lyme disease (although no person with lyme has the same symptoms). If you have lyme you will then be susceptible to all mycotoxins so if you live or work in a moldy environment you would need to remove yourself and treat yourself. Also good to ask yourself what other symptoms besides pain after urination you have. Best of luck!


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