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Undiagnosed pelvic pain

Hi ladies I am hoping to seek some advice about my current situation . I am currently on a working holiday in Spain and struggling to find a doctor with an answer in regards to my pelvic pain.

2 days after sex with a new partner I presented with 24 hours of BV/candida symptoms which was then replaced by my period and very strange pinching sensations on what I imagine to be either side of my ovaries. The pain decreased post cycle but mid cycle appeared again more severe and more concerning a dull ache and deep ovulation pain plus a consistent twining/pinching sensation from my left ovary all the way down to my pubic bone. This sensation sometimes occurs in the right ovary but is less severe. I've been tested for all the std's which were all negative and had 2 ultrasounds -external pelvis exams and internal where each doctor states there is nothing wrong but I am still in pain and it's starting to effect my daily activities and mental health. The pain can be intermittent and sometimes a dull ache across my pelvis or even a burning sensation that spreads across my lower tummy. The heavy feeling of my ovaries being pulled down towards my pubic bone is very uncomfortable and I'm starting to feel an occasion sharp pain towards my rectum. I have tingles in my legs but can't be sure it's not caused from feeling anxious about my condition. No fever or unusual discharge or anything else ..im currently vulnerable as I'm abroad and traveling alone and would appreciate any advice from anyone - the last doctor prescribed me the pill and said j should be better in a few months ... Only problem is the pill causes me to feel anxious. I should also mention I medically terminated in October but my first period since then was fine and scans show nothing left behind ...it was from my 2nd-3rd period the pain worsened.. Thanks ladies! What should I do ..?

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Are you on the pill? the reason why I ask is that apparently it can mask scans !

It could be anything

From endometriosis, cyst on ovaries, pelvic inflammation or even pelvic congestion syndrome (often the last / unforgotten condition)

What I will say though, is don't give up and keep pestering as they will do more investigations.

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Do you have endometriosis? Can affect pelvic nerves. Lower abdominal pain can be the ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves


Hi - are you on the endometriosis UK forum on her. I suggest you join.


Hi everyone thanks for your replies! I am not on the pill and I have not been diagnosed with Endo either... The doctor said he couldn't see any signs of endometriosis on my internal ultra sound but I do know it can be hard to see unless you have a laparoscopy .. I will post in the Endo forum. Thankyou


I would go back to basics. Go back to a doctor and have a urine test, cervical smear and vaginal swab done to screen for infection again. Hope this helps.


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