Lower right pelvic pain

Hi I started having pelvic pain in late November. It started off sharp now is a dull ache. On a scale from 1-10 it is maybe a 3. But it has been every day since then. Not all day but several times throughout the day. I had a little constipation but has improved with stool softeners. Some lower back pain but not every day. Also cramping/ache goes down right leg. I have had 2 trans vag ultrasounds. 1st was clear and 2nd showed a small follicle which dr said was normal. I had a CT scan and it was normal. Seeing a gastro dr at the end of the month and having blood work next week. And suggestions what I should ask for next? Pap is due in March. Getting frustrating hearing that all looks good! No bloating and no pain during intercourse.

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  • How frustrating! Don't know how old you are? Just one small puzzle piece: as women approach menopause they are more prone to follicles. Even a tiny one can cause intermittent discomfort or pain. Good luck. It is difficult to keep up your spirits when you lack definitive test results.

  • Grumbling appendicitis ??? My Father had one for many months before he was rushed into Hospital as an emergency. His GP told him to change from white bread to wholemeal! When I had it, my GP punched me in the stomach, to see if it hurt. It did, and I was operated on that day. I left that practice within weeks.

  • Have you had a culture or a pap smear? Either it could be your appendix and again (I'm not a doctor )or or maybe a bacterial infection? Have you been check for either of those

  • Food intolerance or sensitivities can cause pain daily if you tend to eat the same food regularly. Try cutting things from your diet for a week (dairy for a month). Worked for me.

  • Could be a hernia my CT scan may not pick up small ones ask for an ultrasound and make sure they have hot stand.

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