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How Can I Speed Up Successful Pelvic Clitoral Myofascial Treatments w/ Trigger Point Release?

I have had success with myofascial phsio treatments all clitoral. One trigger point is released, pain there gone but the next sharp/burn point appears. It continues to heal and each new spot during treatment includes exposing the restricted myofascial band, releasing the trapped nerve and blood flow. Takes hrs and several sessions. Constant ongoing. Phsio is a pro. I need to find a way to release these bands and trigger points more quickly. Many drugs involved for the pain for both treatment and daily, but the diazapams best for treatment, let in deeper, quicker. Vaginal valium also helpful but does not speed up knocking these long paths out.

IS there a pro pelvic clitoral pt out there who can weigh in? Please suggest faster ways to release these tight winding bands?

And my 2nd question are there further injections that would help speed this up?

(I have not had nerve blocks, had cortisone, marcaine)

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Helllo Pinky,

I know it's very frustrating when everything takes such a long time - I know from experience. If the trigger point release is having postiive effects and you've got an experienced PT doing it, carry on and (try to) be patient even if you have a moan from time to time! I've been at it for about two years now and am lucky to have found good PTs. Sorry, I've no experience of nerve blocks.


magnesium supplements and a lot of topical lidocaine. Unless you can get your hands on a stronger topical anaesthetic cream, maybe gabapentin or amitriptyline cream.


Many thx! Sounds also like amitriptyline cream can be used for pain management. If so, can it be used just for a few hrs for the pt session or does it need to stay in your system by using more frequently? Side effects? How long to kick in once applied?


I think these links best describe the practice of manual trigger point therapy through myofascial release and finding someone with advanced certifications from these institutions.




Where are you based? I have severe clitoral pain and would also be interested in going to a knowledgeable PT familiar with this technique.

I have been put on Lyrica and given lidocaine injections which have temporarily worked. Injections can be very effective but most of the time they don't have lasting effects. But it's nice to have a break from the pain and calm the nervous system for a bit. And I guess if you can have them in conjunction with PT its even better.

I hope you'll continue to have further positive effects.


Hi there, I just wanted to mention that like you I too have terrible clitoral nerve pain and the only medication I have found that helps even a little bit is tramadol. You may want to try this and see if it eases pain for you. :)


Hi pinky, just looking for some info here. How far have you come with your treatments and has your pain gotten better with a pt?


It has been 9yrs of pt. Slow and steady wins the race they say. The first yr I did 1hr of pt every two weeks because I didnt know better. I created work for myself to entirely devote to the expense of my PT. Then for yrs 1 x a week. In the last yr or so, I now go as much as my pt can allow.

Each section of myofascial release takes approx. 4 plus sessions multiple hrs per session to release and get to the end of the nerve path. Once the path is released that pain gone and the new pain path would present and deal with that. Slowly, each section has been worked on and out then that pain gone. I have done most of the left side pelvis. Seems the core of my injury was the urethra and now the clitoris. Took over a yr for the urethra. Lots of valium to get through treatment. I thought that was the worst but the cliteral pain paths at present give me involutary muscle spasms in my abdomin and make me throw up. Each session there is improvement. Can't imagine not having the treatments! When I dont go, the pain spreads and starts taking over my body in a week or so. A major set back.

Vaginal valium is what works best but it is what Ive found as a journey to healing.

Are you in the US or abroad?


Thanks for your suggested med.


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