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Deep Vaginal Fascia Release Trigger Points


I have only one pt who believes in a high powered way of physically releasing these. It works but am looking for any other ways and this person is not always available! The other pts (many others) all with advanced training can't get to it, come close and don't believe in such intense pressure for releases which work but need more practitioners or alternatives. Does anyone know anyone else who does this? Does anyone know any other things that would get to the deep clitoral fascia trigger points to release??

Done trigger point injections, all the drugs, and am looking for any US alternatives to deep to the bone fascia vaginal trigger point release. Acupuncture and Visceral therapy help with pelvis, sciatica and all other places just not the Deep Fascia in the clit and the the surrounds. PLEASE WEIGH IN if you've had a problem in this area in the fascia and have tried any other non surgical approaches. I'm tired of the pain referral theories that don't work. After months with ea expert, they all say the fact that it is trigger points deep in the fascia of the clitoris and surrounds. Now who treats that and what else can be done to get to it?

Thank you for weighing in.

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Where are you located. I live in New York. I have a great PT that does myifscual release. She studied under john Barnes and has a doctored. She has saved my life.

Ny is close. Can you share the name? Thanks for your reply. Really need.

Ny123 in reply to Pinky2233

Lauradonna Dantoni. Body restoration on Long Island.

Thank you so much fo sharing!!

Hello Pinky. Do you have pudendal nerve issues? 

Pinky2233 in reply to rdt4

oh yes..

oh yes...

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