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Visceral Nerve Therapy


I had my first Visceral Neural Modulation Therapy for nerve pain. They find the deepest pressures and release them. Ill keep you posted. So far the treatment was not painful and I could feel the nerve problem shift. Its a start. I was relieved that I didnt need additional drugs and the sensitivity to finding the problems were exacting. Check out the Barral Institute for further info.

If anyone has also had this keep me posted on what happens next.

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Sounds great! Where was this done?

This was done in Us. Ny

Really interested to hear more about your experience with this. Please keep us posted!

Pinky2233 in reply to Cheryl37

Will do

Hi, would you mind sharing your symptoms.

All neurological symptoms. Electrical, sharp, stabbing, burning etc

Thanks Pinky. I'm in the UK but will look into.

I also would like to know symptoms you were experiencing. Rocky68

Pinky2233 in reply to Rocky68

All neurological symptoms. Electrical, sharp, stabbing, burning etc

Please keep up posted as I hadn't heard of that treatment and would love to know if it worked. What country are you in as I am in Ireland and don't know if I could get it here?

hi, about the visceral neuro modulation , where did you get this?

thanks, els58

Pinky2233 in reply to Els58-

Im in the US

The Institute for Physical Therapy.

They are trained by the Barral Institute. For anyone looking for a practitioner I would contact Barral Institute for referrals. They seem highly specialized and very sophisticated healing. A unique and specific approach to healing that isnt painful, isnt tremendously expensive but seemingly well worth their doing. Ive just begun but so far in two visits I like the wealth of knowledge and care.

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