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trigger point and nerve injections

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Has anyone had pelvic floor trigger point injections or ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerve infiltrations? Doctor has scheduled me for both and I have no idea what to expect! Feeling, nervous please share experiences?

6 Replies
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hi Hannah

I had Pudendal injections which didn’t help a lot

Are you able to share which Doc you are seeing pls as have been thinking about these also


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Skye22 in reply to helpme111

I receive Botox injections into levator muscle 3mthly as I have levator ani syndrome. I also see a specialist women's physio who performs vaginal interior/exterior trigger point therapy.Combination of treatment really helps to lesson the intensity of painful spasms also allowing me to sit more comfortably. This is in conjunction with antispasmodic meds.

No two people will have the same experience with meds and treatments it's trying to find the combination that works for you.

Good luck and hope you find what works for you.

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SouthernSally in reply to Skye22

Do antispasmodic drugs help you? I’ve taken muscle relaxers but I think they’re a bit different. Thank you!

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hannah11 in reply to helpme111

I'll PM you cos I'm not sure if you're allowed to publicly post about doctors etc on here!

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Hi Hannah

I had a series of pudendal nerve injections (6 total) which were nice because I was numb for a few days afterwards but didn’t do anything permanently. Also had one ilioinguinal injection which was amazing because I had a few days without my annoying groin pain. Unfortunately none of these gave me any kind of permanent relief. I just reluctantly started Lyrica a couple of weeks ago which has been really effective so far…. Keeping an eye on my weight and hoping for the best. I also work with a pelvic floor PT and use Baclofen/Valium vaginal suppositories. Don’t be worried about the injections…, they really aren’t bad. I hope they give you long lasting relief! 🙏

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thanks for all the reply’s very kind

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