Next step for me is trigger point injections?

The nortrityline that was working wonders seems to have quit on me sadly. There are no more pills for me to try. If I don't start seeing improvement from phsio my Dr. Wants to try trigger point inj. I here they are excruciating and the outcome is unknown. Is it worthy the agony? I have two small kids and I'm starting work after a 9 month leave. I can't afford to be bebound recovering from the pain. They want to inject lidocaine into my vagina. I've already had a coccyx block so I know lidocaine does not really numb the pain. Anyone have this done or any suggestions?

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  • Oh gosh it sounds awful, im hoping that the physio will release the trigger points for me but I understand you are so much younger and with two young children, I really hope it helps. Sorry that I dont have anything constructive to offer but just wanted to wish you all the best Karen xx

  • Thanks Karen I appreciate that as much as advice. Good luck to you as well with physio.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you're not doing well. Have they tried Lyrica (pregabalin) or Neurontin (gabapentin), sometimes in the higher doses can help you overcome the flare-up and then your doctor can gradually reduce the dose to a maintenance dose. I've had several trigger point injections. Although it can painful, I wouldn't describe it as excruciating. You will bleed a little after the injections, the doctor will probably provide a maxi pad for you, but I always take one. After the injection, you may feel a bit of discomfort for a day or so. The trick to avoiding discomfort after the injection is to apply an ice pack to vulva. The easiest way to do that is to freeze a maxi pad and apply between two layers of cotton panties (one pantie against your skin, the other to hold the maxi pad in place). My doctor uses the following for trigger point injections: 100 mg hydrocortisone and 10 mls of 0.5% bupivicaine. Best wishes! Ili

  • The internal blocks are beyond excruciating and with death gripping pain.also someone with coccyx and pudendal pain cannot benefit from an injection in the vulva! One should seek a compassionate specialist!

  • Lyrica,neurontin, and cymbalta, percoset,vicodan,detrol,uribel all made me violently I'll. Ended up in the hospital and in more pain after each failed trial. After my coccyx block I couldn't get out of bed for a month. It was horribly painful and they said it would sting a little. I was screaming and shaking through the whole thing and in more pain than ever. The neuro promised it wouldn't make it worse but she was wrong.

  • You do not have to indure these blocks while awake and no compassionate doctor would do not proceed with vaginal blocks! They will not work! I have had MANY blocks with propephal ,Asleep for about five minutes.You cannot bear the pain while awake! I know because of my trial exam.We all prayed,I hung on and screamed.The most awful thing that will ever happen to me,doctor's words! Go to and find the proper specialist! Your blocks may last much longer than mine.The results are amazing! Judy Rentz,

  • Judy is right; vaginal trigger point injections help with trigger points in the vagina. I didn't realize that your problem was strictly pudendal nerve related. Good luck.

  • They are not strictly pudenal related. I don't think the drs know exactly what is causing my pain. They say muscles, trigger points, nerves. I personally think I have central sensitization. One pain triggers another, small pains feel huge and things that shouldn't hurt,,hurt. I'm starting to think a holistic approach may work better for me. My pain level is connected to my mood and stress level. Its very werird and no one seems to get it. They just keep stuffing pills down my throat and jabbing and poking at me. I think I know my body better than they do.

  • Hi, I think the trigger point injection is Botox. I am waiting for the same thing and have already had botox in my back main muscle for the last ten years,it is wonderful and worth the slight prick. Please let me know how you get on. Where do you live? Jacky

  • Trigger point injections aren't Botox. I just had the trigger point injections yesterday. My Dr. said she doesn't even do Botox, because "they don't do anything." I have had Botox injections in the pelvic floor as well, which did nothing for me.

  • I had a vaginal pudendal nerveblock followed by 200 mg Botox last week. It was done in the office and it was no worse than any other injection. I did take 10 mg valium prior to the procedure.

  • I was not offered botox rather a lidocaine and marcaine combo. It would be several injections into trigger points that no one has proved to me that I have. I think these drs. Are just following protocol and not listening to me.

  • I have had several trigger point injections. Yes the pain is severe while the injections are being given but the short term relief I received was well worth it. I just received botox injecions and am waiting for positive results to take hold. I am willing to endure trigger point injections again if I need them. Like I said the relief was short term but worth it for me. Good luck Monkeymom

  • I went through them and had nothing but pain! The best thing that worked for me until my nerves and meds , is the use of ice everyday. It is not a quick fix but helps you get through the day. The trick is to allow the damage to the nerves heal. Check out how fast nerves heal, very very slow.

  • I've been sitting on ice for nine I joke that I have as dead fish. I'm going back to work now so I think I'd bertter invest in a perinial ice pack

  • I wish you the best!

  • Juliansmom, I joined this community specifically to follow up with you. I'm wondering how you are feeling now? I just had injections this morning. It hurt a little but wasn't excruciating. I got the steroid injections for my levator spasm. The pain is in my rectum but I was injected vaginally. So far so good. 5 hours in and I'm pain free. I've dealt with this pain for 4 years so I am anxious to find out if you had your injections, how did it go and are you pain free or do you have a reduction in pain.

  • I'm glad to hear you have relief. I did not have the injections. I went back to work and it seems the exercise and distraction has been beneficial. I'm having less flare ups and less pain during. I have a good combo of meds and after some research I began taking a magnesium supplement which is supposed to help with both muscle and nerve pain and I believe it has. My life is returning to somewhat normal finally. Thanks for following up with me and good luck to you

  • I'm sorry you ladies are having to go through this! As a mere man I don't think I could endure the injections that you are having on a basis that it might work. You have my sincere sympathy.

    I'm at the start of this diagnostic process so have yet to endure the Specialist waffle. But one thing I am certain of and that is that most of this PN is caused by muscle spasm trapping the PN or the PN is irritated and thus it puts the muscle into spasm which then further irritates the PN. Chicken and egg scenario......which came first?

    I have endured and dealt with the pelvic muscle spasm on and off for 5 years now after a horse fall, but this is the first year that the nerve has shown itself to be a pain in the A and elsewhere! Lol

    But even so, I am still of the firm belief that the way forward is to reduce the spasm by gentle stretching. But not your quick stretch, I mean long over 2 or 3 mins + if possible. Little steps before big ones though.

    Nerve heals at a rate of about 1mm per day! Also when muscle is in spasm the muscle shortens, which in turn may cause other muscles to spasm as they are stretched too far in the pelvic girdle.

    Which in turn can leads to nerves being over stretched and you know what that causes........Pain!

    So somehow you have to find the mental strength to sort them out.

    That's difficult in the pelvis because of the varied functions they perform and organs they control.

    But I really don't think nerve blocks are a cure. If they were you'd only need one. Yes pain relief may be necessary whilst you sort the mess out. But the mess needs dealing with imho and may need to be dealt with for life as part of a lifestyle change.

    Take care.

  • I read your story and I must say you seem proactive and positive which I think is great and essential to heal.the med I take which helps the most with the muscle spasms is flexaril 10 mgs an hour before bed. It makes you very drowsy. I've had excellent results with the flexeril plus healthy diet,stretching, supplements,positive thinking...etc there are so many specialists and approaches and each person has a different experience with this condition. Really listen to your body.good luck,I have a feeling your gonna be ok

  • I just had my first lidocaine injection today. I have Vulvodynia and have been suffering since 2005. The doctor says it supposed to spread throughout the vaginal muscle into the pudendal nerve. I had 4 injections and the last one was the worst. My body is sore and the doctor said it will last 1 to 2 days and not to do anything that will take extra energy for a few days. The bleeding scared me but it only lasted a couple of hours. Doctor says it takes a while to see if it will work and to continue the amitriptyline and return in 6-8 weeks. Hoping this at least gets my pain to a bearable level. I'll keep you all updated.

  • How are you doing these days after the injections

  • The injections didn't work. It was later discovered I had a suburethral cyst. It was removed September 2015 and up until the last couple of weeks I've been pain free. The doctor couldn't remove it all and it may be growing because I've felt a little discomfort. At least I'm back working so I'm hoping it doesn't grow back to the magnitude it was before.

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