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Elevated liver enzymes and inflammatory markers?

Hello folks,

I am currently waiting on a few different specialist referrals.. I am currently on between 16 and 24th of hydromorphone a day... for the past few months my liver enzymes have been off the charts. I realize this could be a result of the narcotics, but that isn't a given.

I also have highly elevated inflammatory markers. .. anyone else have this? Anyone else been provided with reason's yet?


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Hi, I hope that you have had some answers by now as I see you posted last month. I hope you are getting to the bottom of this and recieving some treatment to help. Your description sounds very much like something my mother in law went through last year, we were told her enzymes were very high and not to give her certain things until they ran a lot of tests, she was diagnosed with Ascites of the liver, she had to have I V antibiotics for it. I hope you are feeling better and get well soon.


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