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Hi everyone!

Last July, after my first ever yeast infection, I think a few wires got crossed, and I've had chronic itching ever since. After seeing about 15 doctors, it's been determined this is definitely a case of vulvodynia (as nothing else could be found, and I do have a history of lower back fractures). It's been determined the vulvodynia has been caused by lack or hormones and a pre-existing tailbone injury. The majority of my searches have documented experiences of pain, but I'm wondering if anyone out there experiences their "pain" as non-stop itching. I've had every test in the book done (including suspected lyme), and everythign is negative. I am working with a great team of pelvic floor therapists, and monitoring hormone levels (testosterone and estrogen were in the garbage), but have you found anything else that has helped? I also have a tiny tarlov cyst that was found on my spinal cord. Currently that has been ruled out as causing my symptoms.

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  • Hi, it could be hormonal, maybe you should get a gynaecologist to run a series of hormone checks and see if hormone replacement or what ever is advised by the Gynaecologist. All the best. XX

  • Hi there, just wondering if you have seen a dermatologist? In case it is a skin condition?

  • I was diagnosed with vulvodynia in Nov 15 a year after my second child was born. I had countless bouts of thrush and treatment while I was pregnant but the itchy irritated feeling never went away but only on the left side, even though swabs were clear I also have a lot of pain that side where I'd had an episiotomy with my first child and then tore with my second. It drove me insane. I was prescribed amytriptilne, pregablin and lidocaine gel but they didn't help me. I'd seen something called Multigyn (previously biofem) Actigel keep being mentioned while googling in desperation and for a tenner I thought it be worth a try. I got some before Christmas and I'm so pleased I did. I was using it on and off for about of month and the itchy sore feeling has gone. If I get a feeling like its starting again I just use the gel for a couple of days. The horrible sore itching is no longer a symptom. I've have just been diagnosed with endometriosis on my ovaries and bowel which I think causes my other problems and I did have 2 polyps removed at the time. Whether that contributed to the itchy sore problems I don't know but the gel definitely helped me. Sorry you are suffering. X

  • I used to have itching when coming off amitriptyline ...I used vagisil cream, it has zinc oxide and lidocaine 2% ..saved my life... it's most likely the nerves causing went away quickly for me

  • I also experience horrible unbearable itching in my vagina as a symptom of vulvodynia. I haven't figured out how to fix it. It is the most maddening torture. You have my deepest empathy and you are not going through this alone. I know how this feels. I am 41. The only things that have helped me so far are a concoction made for me by a compounding pharmacy, tons of anti-inflammatories, and icing my privates. I would take more sitz baths but I'm recovering from a biopsy right now. I am trying a low oxalate diet and I have been doing it for about five days. I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I need to put in more time. I definitely understand what you're going through. The only relief I get from the itching is when I'm asleep. And it takes a heck of a lot of amitryptiline and gabapentin to make sleep happen.

    I thought too I had a yeast infection about five weeks ago, But it wasn't that. Then I was prescribed a topical steroid, which worked for a week and then stopped. My OB/GYN thought I looked just fine down there, another one could see irritation below the surface in the microscope. She thinks that the itching is neuropathic. I hate to say it, but I agree.


  • I "hear" ya. I've had chronic vulvar itching off and on for over 20 years. I hate it. I've tried every cream and oral meds like gabapentin. I recently got a steroid shot directly into my vulva nerve. It didn't help. Next I am going to get a botox shot in my vagina. It is a day surgery procedure. This has been maddening to say the least. I have hope with the botox even though it scares me. I have read and heard directly of relief. A ob/gyn in the pelvic pain department is doing it. I'll let you know.

    It took me years to understand why I experience itching and not pain. They are related. The nerves in the vulva area are sensory nerves and itching can be one of the sensations when the nerves are over firing. The goal is to get the nerves to calm down. I do yoga, meditate, got divorced from a stressful relationship but need more medical intervention unfortunately.

    Here's to relief for all of us!!!!!

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