Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Hi all. Was told today I have PID. Of course afterwards I googled it. Didn't really know much about it until then. Immediately was taken aback at what I was reading. The thoughts of infertility is highly upsetting. I can't help but sit here and cry and hope this doesn't happen. I love kids so much. Though I don't want kids right now, I have always imagined myself with them at some point in life. Not sure how long I have had this, but am hoping it hasn't been long enough to do any damage. I, as well do not have any STIS and am shocked to see they are what normally cause this. I started having symptoms about a week ago, with stomach pains, pain during Intercourse, no appetite, and just complete misery. Glad to have found this website, as it helps to have people to talk to who are going through the same thing.

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  • It is a cause of infertility but a lot of people manage to conceive successfully naturally in spite of PID. It may be wise to allow yourself plenty of time age wise just in case you want to try assisted conception though rather than wait until fertility declines which is from the age of 36 onwards. How was it diagnosed ?

  • I've been in immense pain so I made an appointment with my gyno. She did a pelvic exam and told me that's what it was. I'm only 23 so I have time for getting help if I need it, just upsetting to think I might not be able to have kids on my own. Staying positive though.

  • Glad you're staying postive. I have no idea how this diagnosis was established by a pelvic exam as there are quite a few things it could be. Have you been prescribed anti-biotics ?

  • Hi there. Yes, Judy is right. It can cause infertility. However I had it at 29 and was put on 2 courses of very strong antibiotics. I also went to a homeopath which someone recommended. Not my usual place to go, I have to say but the combination of all, plus rest and eating well meant that at the age of 35 I had my daughter naturally. So anything is possible. We didn't have the internet at the time, so I had nothing to google. Just had to rely on doctors knowing best.

  • If you are not on meds yet and want a family regardless of cost, run, don't walk and freeze your eggs. Then you can help yourself and have options.

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