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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

I have been treated for pid several times in the past year and a half. I have been through so much pain and sleepless nights. All my pap smears and ultrasounds have been normal but the antibiotics for pid are the only thing that helps. My boyfriend and I stopped having sex after my last treatment for pid and I felt great no pelvic or back pain. We then had intercourse using a condom six months after my last treatment and two days later I had pelvic pain nausea tiredness, vaginal pain and back pain. I just dont know what to do it looks like its normal vaginal bacteria that is causing my pid. How can i stop this? How can i have a normal relationship with my boyfriend when every time we have intercourse I get sick? Can anyone help me or has been through this situation?

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OH, you have almost similar story to my last year. I had a minor surgery on my cervix a year ago and after that I started getting PIDs. During last year I had PID 5 times!!! I always have to eat a lot of antibiotics to get rid of it and at least for 2 weeks. I dont get it after intercourse, sometimes it just starts by itself.

But the last one I got after Gynae appointment and vaginal ultrasound. I felt so much pain right after the examination, and then I thought it will be better next day. Next days the pain become stronger, then I started to feel like I have infection - fever, joint pains etc. I got antibiotics from the GP. I did blood tests after having antibiotics for 2 days, but the blood work came back all normal. How is that possible? Is it endometriosis which gives the same symptoms as PID?

Have your blood been tested during a PID episode?

I can only guess that the immune system is not working as it should when we get PID all the time. I have no idea what to do, I eat well and eat a lot of vitamins and supplements.


Hi MinnieMinnie, thanks for your reply glad in a way Im not the only one! I am at my wits end! Can I ask you what do your doctors suggest you to do? If we have endometriosis why do antibiotics for pid help? Yes I have had blood work and all normal. I just had a cystocospy done last week to check for cyctitis but it was normal. No one seems to know what is causing it!

Have you considered a laproscopy?


I am going to have hysterectomy soon. That will be my solution, because I have very severe endometriosis as well, so it is all connected. If you have your PID only after intercourse, could it be that your partner is infected without knowing? Just a thought...Even if you use condoms, you can sometimes catch something.

I also have started to use good bacteria. The reason why we get PID is that cervix is not working as it should, letting bad bacteria inside uterus, giving an infection.

Now I have had antibiotics for 10 days and I feel better. It must be some kind of infection because antibiotics helps so well. Without them I was in agony. But I also think that antibiotics kills the good bacteria and therefore next time we get a PID again...


It doesn't have to be an infection or PID because the antibiotics worked. I have chronic pelvic pain and sometimes antibiotics calm my symptoms down because it has anti inflammatory affect on the body. Unfortunately, it does not cure it and once I am off of them, the pain returns. I thought I had a UTI before and urologist prescribed me antibiotics. Pain went away in a week and I thought I was cured, until it came back with a vengeance and disabled me. Mine also went away for 4 months after 1.5 years of suffering and I thought I was home free and 8th had been cured. Now it has returned again. CPP and PNE are horrible conditions that you have to learn to live with because there is no known cure for them. I was going through a lot of stress because my wife left with my son becaue of all of this hell I was going through and because I tried to take myown life o


No tests will pick up pelvic muscoskeletal pain unfortunately. It is a diagnosis of exclusion. It can cause everything from constipation, diarrhea, ibs symptoms like nausea, pain and referred pain, nocturia, day time constant urination, or not being able to urinate. I am a social recluse becaue of this 

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I am seeking some advice - Ihave been suffering from PID for 7 months now possibly longer before the symptoms became bad enought to notice after thinking I had a history of BV and Candida doctors have been able to help me .. finally after countless tests ureaplasma showed up and the antibiotics treated it but I am still haviung pain and now an increase in symptoms again ...the dotor diagnosed me with vulvodynia nd cystitis which I call BS ..every test has sgown a high white cell cunt .. my body is figjhting inflammation. I had 2 separate 7 day treatments of doxycycline that were months apart and one course of zinnat .. I showed a very small decrease in symptoms after the course of zinnat but now I am bad again .. I believe that I need a long dose and a different or stronger combo of antibiotocs. What treatment has worked in the past ? I am finding life very har to deal with because of this as I ma sure other women out there who are unable to cure their problems can relate too... any advice is greatly appreciated..


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