Vulvodynia and cystitis

Hi ladies can anyone shed any light on my situation as after 6 months of the same STD tests and ultrasounds etc I have been diagnosed with mild IC ( only symptom is frequent pee and tender bladder and rectum pain at times ) and Vulvodynia which symptoms are itch, raw sensation and during ovulation a deep internal throb but I am also currently experiencing a lot of discharge which is making me feel so self conscious and avoiding sex...none of my tests show any bacteria so I don't know why I have this discharge - my scent has changed slightly 31... I'm starting to feel very depressed about it, a normal sex life is really important for me :( Any advice ? Anyone else with Vulvodynia get discharge ? Thanks

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  • Have you seen a gynaecologist? I'm wondering if you have a hormonal problem. For the pain, I would recommend being assessed by a physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic floor problems. It is likely that whatever the original cause of the pain, the muscles have tightened in response and could be pressing on nerves. Have you come across Amy Stein's book, 'Heal Pelvic Pain', or 'A headache in the pelvis'? If not, I would suggest trying to get hold of one. They helped me to understand my pain better, and also suggest exercises that might help. I do hope that you manage to get the help you need and are able to resume a normal sex life soon.

  • Thankyou! I will source these books! I've often wondered the same thing in regards to hormones and yes my gyno is the one that diagnosed me with cystitis and Vulvodynia even though she initially agreed there was discharge and white cells present to indicate infection but once again all my swabs tested negative! ..

  • Regarding discharge. you wear pantiliners daily? I did and had constant discharge that I thought was normal because infections never came along. I just saw a dr at a women's clinic and she said absolutely stop. I did and discharge stopped as well. I could go on about my last 4 months but will stop there. Are you in the US?

  • No I'm in Spain and no I don't wear them but think I should now ... I don't know anymore ..super frustrating!

  • For you IC you could try, go to their website and look up. Might help with your pain and irritation. It will help balance your ph too which may be adding to an odor. I would recommend a good probiotic daily as well.

  • Thank you so much!!

  • Check for things like pantyhose, wet bathing suits, your sex partner can even give u a discherge. I constantly had one when I was with my boyfriend. He use to wipe it out of me. He was an ass. Have u been checked for HPV? I also have I.C., major rectal pain after surgery in Jan. Rectal pain has diff causes. It can b lack of estrogen, pelvic floor dysfunction, which yours sounds like to me. I have PFD and its aweful. Do u do alot of lifting? It sounds like u may also have some nerve damage. Have u had any falls in the past. Be careful Bcuz if your rectal pain i tensifies it can cripple u. Mine is aweful and still hasn't gone away after 6 mths. The more falls, pelvic surgeries I have the greater chance of nerve damage. Be careful. I'm still suffering. I have I.C. , endo, levator ani, herpes and irritable bowel. Most of my pain is from pelvic surgeries. this last one I ddidn't even need. Doctors are surgery happy, they don't really care about the patient.

  • I don't have discharge but have the same issues. I PN or PNE, Vulvarynia, ibs, gastroperesis, levator ani and other PFD. I am a mess. I am a 64 year old woman and I work 5 days a week and more. I am so over this pain I don't know what to say. I hope you find the help you need.


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