Vulvodynia and swelling

I have been diagnosed with Vulvodynia (I have Sjogrens) and have started taking Pregabalin. This helps with the burning but the feeling of swelling is if anything getting worse. I feel as if I am sitting on a tennis ball (at least !)

I haven't read of anyone else having this feeling. My GP says I'm not actually swollen I just feel as if I am. Could it be PN. You can see I have been googling ! Help!

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  • I was told that they swelling or feeling of swelling is caused by the tight muscles not allowing the blood to flow properly. Most of pain is left sided and it is very obvious that my left side swells when flaring. Pt would probably be a benefit for you. Hugs

  • I would try taking a xanax or valium when you have that feeling because they are great muscle relaxers. It would show you whether it is due to tight muscle.

  • I've also have the "swollen" feeling. From what I understand, this is fairly common with vulvodynia.

  • Thank you for your very helpful replies. I will talk to my GP when I next see him. I expect it would account for problems with emptying my bladder in the evening when the 'swelling' is at it's worst. Hey ho !

  • I was told by my gyno that valium is the best muscle relaxer for the pelvis. I feel it really helps. I take it orally but he told me it can be inserted into the vagina a well. They also make valium suppositories at compound pharmacies.

  • Thank you for your very helpful replies. I expect it would account for difficulties sometimes emptying my bladder. Hey ho!

  • I have the feeling of something in my left side pelvis. It has been 9 years and I got diagnose with Pudendal Neuralgia or Entrapment. Have had trigger point injections inside vagina and out. They do help for awhile but I have to get them every 3 months or I am in agony again. The first week after its done is hard but I know a little relief is on the way. Every time the nerve and muscles flare I feel like something is inside there. I hope you find some better help.

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