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I have lower left abdo and groin pain and more a less constant bleeding, any suggestions to stop this would be a massive help

After having no or very light periods while on the depo injection (I was taken off it due to having osteopenia) and the implant I started to get constant bleeding. After trying different pills none of which were having any effect, along with endless pregnancy and STI checks all of which were clear I was referred to gyne. They tried me on tranexamic and mefenamic acid which had no effect. So they insisted a mirena coil would be the best treatment, on inserting it they found I had adhesion and bicornate uterus but fitted it anyway. I then started to experience left sided lower abdo/groin pain and my symptoms got worse. After a lot of persistence with my GP and consultant (who discharged me) I eventually went to A and E and had to have emergency open abdo surgery to remove the mirena coil from my groin. Since then I have had constant pain in my lower left abdo /groin and practically constant bleeding. Norethisterone stops the bleeding but not the pain, it has terrible side effects and cant be taken long term. The consultant basically said live it or have a hysterectomy which I dont see an option as I want a family and am only 31. And find it very difficult to believe that they isnt something else I can do. HELP!!!

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Is the pain bad all the time or is it worse during periods ? Have you tried amitriptyline or nortriptyline ?


I would ask your GP to refer you to gyne somewhere else. Get properly tested for this it wounds worrying. Good luck. PS You can do this via the NHS Choose and Book system, speak to your GP and ask if they can recommend another gyne for you


You need to demand that the cause of your pain and bleeding, is thoroughly investigated.

Maybe ask for an ultrasound and/or and MRI.

Did they find anything else when they operated?



Thank you ladies, its really good to hear that im not mental for thinking this is abnormal! Ive tried those medications but i just couldnt cope with the side efforts! As for imagining i had an ultra sound scan when they couldnt find the mirena and they said i had a small cyst on an ovary but nothing to be concerned about and then xrays which located the mirena in my groin! When i had the op they found i had a bicornate womb and adhesions they tried to take a biopsy for endometriosis but due to having to cut through the adhesions to get through my womb the sample was contaminated! Ive been back to my gp and demanded to be re-referred but its likely to take 3 months for an appointment!


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