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Do I have Endometriosis and if so should I opt for a Laporscopic op to diagnose this for sure,does anyone else take Tramadol for period pain

I have been suffering with chronic pain since last October and have been taking Tramadol as no other pain killer is working the pain is in my lower back, sometimes my legs at the tops and pain around my tummy and groin that comes and goes. I also have been suffering with really bad constipation and find that I can only eat small meals which has lead to a 3 stone weight loss. I am feeling really down and depressed as because of my illness my husband of 17 years and I are getting divorced and the Dr I have been seeing said my Ultra-sound scan was only showing a cyst (4cm) and other than that every thing is normal, so I have had no choice but to pay private for a second opinion last week and now the new Dr is saying that he thinks it is endometriosis and has given me Mefenamic Acid, Tranexamic Acid & Audmonal for the painful periods and constipation and has advised me to not take the Tramadol as they can become adictive. H has offered to re-scan me and possibly do a Laporscopic operation to see if it is Endometriosis, but from reading up I am not sure if there is much point as even if it is Endometriosis there is nothing that can be done anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about what I do next please?

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A second scan is a good idea. If the 4 cm cyst is still there on a second scan, it is unlikely to resolve with medical treatment. If it is still there, it may be necessary to have it removed surgically but its sensible to find out about the experience of the surgeon and also what technique would be used. Cysts tend to recur more frequently if they are not excised ( cut out )

Is fertility an issue ? If so, there is an interventional technique that destroys the cyst but retains the maximum number of eggs.

Do you live in Lancashire ?


Thank-you ever so much for your reply, I appreciate it very much indeed.

I live in a village called Culcheth in Cheshire.

Yes fertility has been an issue hence the divorce that I am just going through (among other issus). I have had a scan since the cyst was found and they have said it is still there but it has not grown and so it will stay there posssibly forever, even though I am still in imense pain, like today I have tried the mefenamic acid & the Tranexamic acid but in the end the pain got too much and I have had to take the Tramadol.

I have contacted Whiston hospital today as I had not heard from the private Dr from Fairfield who has transferred me now back to the NHS for a further scan with him and then a possible Laporscopic op, as yet they have not managed to get me an appointment which is really upsetting as I am off work again and really am upset of the possible thought that I may loosde the job I love.

I am actually very good with pain and have suffered for years but the last 12 months the pain has changed, do you know of anywhere close to me where I could possibly try holistic treatment please?



Are you far from the Countess of Chester hospital ? there is someone there who specializes in endometriosis there and should be able to do a cystectomy ( removal of the cyst ) not ablation. If you have a good surgeon, it should be possible to preserve your fertility and resolve the pain.

There is no alternative treatment for endometriotic cysts and your long term health is important.


Thank-you ever so much for this indormation, I am not far from Chester at all and Imy sister lives in Chester too! Should I ask my Doctor to refer me there or should I see about seeing them on a private basis first, Thanks again.


It shouldn't me more than 18 weeks wait for an NHS appointment. I would ask when you are referred how long it will be. If it looks like being too long, you could think about requesting a private appointment.

I'm not sure whether the specialist I'm thinking of does private but you can ask.

The current endometriosis guidelines recommend that endometriotic cysts larger than 3cms are removed by cystectomy. Ask the surgeon whether an adhesion barrier is used during surgery as ovarian surgery is susceptible to adhesions which also cause infertility. I would also ask about ovarian reserve.

There is a non surgical technique using ultrasound that is being used in some countries to destroy non malignant cysts and to prevent loss of eggs but nowhere in the UK seems to be doing this at present. Some centres in France are doing this and have good success rates with fertility.

You can e-mail me at if you'd like to know more


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