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Mirena coil

Hi ladies

So had my appointment with private dr today, was lovely man and after all this time of noone having clue whats wrong i have a torn vagina wall so kind of a prolapse?

He said it will heal in time but thinks stopping periods will help as there so bad He think it stopping healing... he said mirena coil but seeing as i got a torn vagina wall( partial prolapse ) do u think shoving something in there that could effect tear and good thing??

If not what other things are there to stop periods?

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Do you know why you have heavy periods? I had the Mirena coil fitted around 8 years ago, for heavy periods (fibroids and anemia). Unfortunately, it doesn't work for everyone and can take six months to actually help with periods. It didnt help me! Mine fell out after 7 months during a particular heavy period and chest infection. I think the coughing caused it.

The are tablets that can delay your period, Norethisterone, but not sure if that would be long enough for you to heal. I know the contraceptive pill can be taken back to back but not recommended for more than three months.

I really feel for you, I've read a few of your previous posts and it must of been frustrating (and painful) with all the tests!

I do know that for some women the coil can really work, it's a decision that you and your doctor will have to make. My fibroids were quite large so that's why it might not have worked for me (eventually had them embolised last year).

Good luck, at least you maybe getting nearer to feeling better, now the problem has been identified.


Hey greenbexy

Unfortunately i have had all the tests and there is no reason apart from i clot to easy so i have heavy clotting when on my period which they think is the pain basically i have contractions, so i am on tranexamic acid. So i am much better. Lighter and less days more like 3-4 not 7-9 days.

So may just keep goin with that instead of putting hormones into body.

Not sure, the thought of having no periods for while does seem nice lol!! But it if it dont turn other way as in have a full period for months which ive known some to have.

I hate being a bloody women lol

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Yes totally agree about the hormones, it was something I was offered, but refused.

Oh yes the contractions! That's what happened to me when I took tranexamic acid. It is used to stop the clots from breaking down, thus causing bigger clots to expel the blood but over a shorter period of time, hence the contractions. Hated taking it! I went back and begged for the fibroids to embolised (they tried to talk me into a hysterectomy, no way!)

Have you had your iron levels checked? Heavy periods can actually be caused by low iron, then lead to low iron. Hard to get your head around!

I was having a conversation with my 14 year old daughter about this rubbish 'gift of mother nature'! The poor thing has many years to come! Yes the thought of no periods for a few months would be rather nice! Lol


See that weird... i was given lap and i was on my period at the time... lovely... when the gynae saw me after she said “ we noticed ur periods are very clotty very big clots which we think is why u suffer as it tricking ur body into thinking it pregnant and contracting to get clots out so tranexamic will thin and disperse clots “ and i got to say my periods are really thin blood now no contractions gone from a 7-9 day full heavy period to a 3-4 day lighter one....

So for me they worked a treat?

That why i dont want to mess around with other things as they have made mine better by 50%.... u know i still feel like a beast .... moody, tired, argumetative, bitchy but i dont suffer pain wise not that a couple of cocodamol dont help.

I did say i was gluten yeast and dairy free to which he was impressed with as-apparently that can mess with ur periods there all infammatorie foods..

Oh ur poor daughter.... i just feel like im 43

And my whole life has been lived round these wretched things!!!


That is definitely weird as it's prescribed to make the blood clot! If you read the PIL (patient information leaflet) it should tell you. If it works for you then 'why fix what's not broke' so to speak.

I'm 43, too and periods have been the pain of my life! I only felt great when I was pregnant! But no more babies allowed now 😢.

Do you know how you tore the wall in the first place? Sounds very painful!


Hmmm bit embarrassing they said sex, straining, heavy periods anything can thin the wall then it just takes one thing to tear it

The pain was the worst pain i have ever experienced and i have had some pain.. dislocated jaw, arm and had to have them put back in place with no meds...

So i have a very high lain threshold but it is awful.

When i first did it i ended up fainted in a ambulance. I could straighten up for three weeks unfortunately coz they had no idea What it was they poisoned me with strong antibiotics which gave me liver failure so my body healed my liver not my rip!!!


Oh God that sounds awful! You poor thing, I'm not sure I'd want a doctor up 'there' putting a fiddly little coil in though, with how easily it can tear! Surely you are more prone to infection too! It's up to you, but I think that I would eat healthy, like you are and hope that the body will repair itself. Take care.


I believe the contraceprive injection stops periods, they give it to young girls maybe having trouble taking the contraceptive pill.

The Marena please don't go there. For women with gynae issues I believe it doesn't settle and my body rejected it, pain shot down my legs I was on painkillers to be able to stick work. I was in horrendous pain and took bleeds all the time it never stopped a period in 7 months. I was told by the Doc etc to bear with it as it was "settling in" no, too long a settling in period. I got it out by a family planning practitioner she removed it after checking and it looked to be inside me in a perfect position so literally my body fought it, like a foreign object would be fought by your immune system.


Yeh see this is what worries me , i am alergic to alot of stuff so i worry my body would reject it...

ive been through so much pain i am not putting my body through anymore. Im sticking to me tranexamic acid which really helps me and thats that.

These gynaes seem to think this mirena coil the god of vagina!!! Whereas i know noone that had good time with it..

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It certainly was a hell on earth for me and don't believe I was able to enjoy my sex life either especially with on and off bleeding and periods.

You could well just be like many of us, very unfortunate that you are hormonally and pcos affected with in my book has been nothing but pain, pmt, debilitating, heavily medicated life on hold or making rain check type of life revolving circumstances.

Metformin made me get nauseous very ill, I unexplainedly vomited over my work's kitchen sink and tiles with no warning whilst on it.

Very embarrasing.

If the pill doesn't work for you due to hormonal factors please don't let Drs push you into trying them as I had a life time of being ignored, retried on things, now I'm 38 and have my son, a horrendous condition of my womb called adenomyosis has me having a complete hysterectomy.

Get your help and advice while you are yound and consider private care if needs be.

Good luck.




Im sorry u have such horrible condition how long did it take them diagnose that?

I went to private gynae/ obsterics specialist wed he was fantastic could not fault him...

He was gobsmacked that not one dr or specialist had ever given me a internal in 8 months of saying i feel like im heavy internal and also feel like i tore something.

Theyve given me lap and colonoscopy and copious amount of antibiotics but no internal it was my pelvic floor physio that found the lump.

So after a internal he just went “ u have a torn vagina with wall coming in?” Has noone noticed that seriously?!

So he said it will heal, no sex, no exercise, no heavy lifting...

Will take anything up to year! Great.

Like i said though he quite obsessed that i have this coil i was like nope!!! He said he was sending letter to my dr to address it to i said i dont care im not having it lol!!


Lulububs thank goodness you went private!

A tear there sounds horrendous! You really do need to take it easy you poor pet!

I have been ignored since having my child in 2013 I spoke with several female Dr's who all dismissed me, one even suggested I try the progesterone only pill again even though I preached my strong unhealthy relationship with hormone based pill etc in the past..it made me worse and I felt weak for not being stronger infront of her. I also had post natal trauma so had no confidence, I told her I brought my mum with me yet she failed to referr me on for investigation. It was 2yrs later before male Dr referred me to CT scan and MRI as a process of elimination to see if he could rule my constant back pain out. The MRI 1stly was back relared and posterior and came back normal so another referral to Gynaecology by him and another year it took and I was scanned in Jan 16, the Gynaecologist diagnosed me with Adenomyosis its a growth of tissue in the eddometrium making the womb boggy, bulky and has extra blood flow and size and therefore could be pushing my organs or on a nerve etc.

So, it took the NHS 2 years to diagnose me. The op puts the whole process at 4 years. Hysterectomy is the cure. I'm thankful I have my son. I cannot have another child its too risky for miscarriage. My son is disabled so he is my lot in life.

I wish you the best of luck.


The things us women put up with !!!

Do you know it such a shame but i saw two gynae that were ladies before i went private and saw a man and they were both just “ oh u prob got endo”!! Not one thought to do a internal!! At a gynae appointment .... and they were really cold towards me. Whereas i went to see a pelvic floor therapist and she did my first internal and said “ there something wrong u need to see someone” and she sent me to see this man and he was a gynae/obsterics specialist and he was so nice and fun and put me at ease!!

Internal laying and standing and he found it straight away!! That took me 8 months to get it found....


The pill can stop periods if taken continuously I believe.


To give the otherside, I've had the marina twice, 5 years each time. Fiddly for them to put in but once there was no bother and stopped periods totally.


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