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Endometrioma / chocolate cyst

Back in february I had an internal ultrasound that showed a 5cm blood filled cyst. When I went to see the gynecologist he said I could either get surgery to remove it or try medication to stop it growing so I said I`d rather have surgery and just get rid of it but he told me to try the mini pill for 6 months, gave me a leaflet about endometriosis ( something I never had any symptoms of before ) and sent me on my way.

After reading up about the pill and side effects and the fact that it might not even work, I decided I didn`t want to take it so I haven`t. I haven`t had any of the severe pain since then, just achy / fullness on that side and feels like someones punched me in the thigh on that side quite often but now I have 'discomfort' that feels like cystitis but isn`t, for the last 3 weeks now. My cat likes walking across my lap and stomping on me and it feels like when you have a really full bladder even when it is empty. I don`t want to keep taking painkillers but they do get rid of it for a while.

So, my question: I am reluctunt to go back to the gp but is this typical of a cyst? I have hospital again at the end of october but I`m worried about being 'fobbed off' because of lack of funding etc. Last time he didn`t seem too interested and said at my age I wouldn`t be trying for children ( I`m 39 and don`t plan on having children ) so I guess I`m at the bottom of any surgery lists. Just wondering what to expect really and what I should be asking for? A friend of a friend is a nurse at that hospital and said you have to keep pushing to get anything done :/

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Cysts may cause the symptoms you describe. Have you had a recent ultrasound to monitor the size of the cyst ? guidelines suggest that a cyst larger than 5 cm should be removed, however I would do my homework on the surgical expertise of the gynaecologist.


No, he said they`d arrange for a scan before the appointment in october. Are you allowed to ask to see someone else ? I`m not sure how it all works but obviously if they are going to remove it I would like someone who is experienced in that area!


Yes, you are entitled to ask for a second opinion as stated in the NHS Constitution. Many people are not aware of this.


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