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Life with cyst

Hello everyone.. I hope someone can please help me understand what's going on. I have been getting these cyst on my ovaries since I was 21. My doctor put mr on birth control pills. They worked until I was 27. I got married and stop taken the pills due to the fact I want to get pregnant. I did but when my daughter was 7months another one reappeared on my right ovary( a cyst). My doctor put me into surgery. Taken part of my ovary. I been getting on my left ovary now. I have about 8 cyst but not all at the same time. They woud burst. And now I'm 34 and i have 4 at the same time on my left ovary. One has burst and leaked blood into my tubes. This plus the other cyst hurts like crazy. I had to stop going to work because of the pain is to the point where i can't walk. So I have went to 3different doctors they all say the same thing. I too young to take my other ovary. Due to all the other surgeries I have had in the past (about 6 total). This pain is bad I don't know what to do. Has anyone ever went through this before?

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My daughter is 16 and had started getting them. The first one the pain was so bad we took her to the ER (PLUS IT wad on the right side so we thought appendicitis. Turns out a cyst had ruptured causing there to be fluid around the ovary area. They say they are common and they usually just dissolve away on their own, apparently even if they rupture. The only treatment us birth control or pain meds. They did say that if you can sense it coming on or figure out the pattern start taking ibuprofen. You can take 600mg every six hours to try to stay on top of it. I know sometimes it feels like the ibuprofen does nothing to relieve it. It's so sad to hear that if you are susceptible to getting them you could get them regularly. I hate to think of her dealing with this until....menopause? I'm curious why they decided to do the surgery? Was there a special reason that particular one needed to be removed? I'm also trying to figure out how we will be dealing with this. I'm sorry for you. Please post more if you learn any more info.


Hello Mizkeia,

You could try posting your question on the Endometriosis forum. Endo sufferers deal with a lot of different kind of cysts on their ovaries and deal with pain on a constant basis.

I have endo but am lucky enough to only have small cysts on my ovaries. As for dealing with pain I am on a cocktail of medication; Tramadol, Co-codamol 30/500, Amitriptyline - which actually works by preventing you feeling pain in the first place so this is one you take all the time. It was originally designed to be an anti-depressant but used at much higher doses.

You could ask your doctor about Amitriptyline, you need to take it at night as one of the side effects is that it makes you sleepy. You will get use to it so don't worry if after the first few times of taking it you still feel sleepy the next day.

I hope this helps a little

Victoria Xx


See a bio identical hormone Dr I had cyst and they put me on progesterone and it helped. Another opinion might be Chinese herbs from an acupuncturist. You're too young to have the ovaries removed.


I wouldn't recommend AmitrAmitriptyline

ptyline so quickly without first trying other things. Cysts are common, every month women get them and they dissolve if no pregnancy it's called a functional cyst, however some women have more pain than others or the cysts get bigger. There are natural things you can try firstbefore

trying heavy narcotics or an antidepressant which was suggested, it is known to help nerve pain and women with Endometriosis often have an up regulated central nervous system to begin with.


? an up regulated central nervous system ? What does that mean? I have endo and do a lot of research and have never seen such a thing, could you explain please?


Here is a good website

Endometriosis causes inflammation in the abdomen, there are pelvic nerves that run from the spinal cord through your abdomen and into your organs. This inflammation can raise responses in peripheral nerves that send a pain signal through the nerves to the spinal cord and to the brain, everything is connected. When the pain has persisted for longer than 3 months or can change the pain receptors in your brain, this can be seen on scans. I have Endometriosis. I had a partial hysterectomy with left ovary removal which made things worse for me, I didn't understand why at first, I kept researching endo but never researched pain and it's implications on the brain. Google Forrest Tennant and read his website about pain. Dr Sarno has some good books and there is a book by adriaan Louw called "why pelvic pain hurts" on amazon.

Endometriosis is more just lesions that cause pain, these lesions cause inflammation and affect the nervous system.

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Thank you Pepper1977, see that's why it's good to follow more than just endo sites, I have endo too and I had adeno and cervical dysplasia and I have just lost an ovary due to complications from adhesions and cysts, I've had my cervix, uterus, one ovary and both tubes removed now but because i still have endo in two places i still have debilitating pain. I am hoping to have what was cauterized on my uteralsacral ligament eithe excised or have my ligament removed entirely. Plus the spot under where my right ovary used to be excised too. Damn these surgeons who call themselves specialists making judgement calls thinking that endo goes into dormancy when you hit menopause. I am so shocked at the lack of knowledge there is by professionals in this field. I am 51 not in menopause but I was temporarily untill the shock of surgery passed and my left ovary recouperated. But I feel that even if I was in menopause that introducing HRT via estrodiol patches would only complicate issues further. this my surgeon also had no hesitation in prescribing me. I'm glad I gave it time. I am ideopathic multiple chemical sensitive and really do horribly on hormones. understandably so right!


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