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Stomach ulcers

I am so worried and I feel this site is the only place to turn to for information and advice. I have been suffering with an extreme burning sensation in my stomach since August. I have been given Omeprazole by the doctor but it still persists. Today I underwent a Gastroscopy and was given the results. Apparently I have erosions and patchy erythema (red inflamed blotches I believe) throughout the stomach, Duodenitis and 4 ulcers. I was tested for H pylori which came back negative. I also had 7 biopsies. What is worrying me is my internet research. Every site I look at says that ulcers are caused by only two things - H pylori (for which I tested negative) or taking NSAIDs (which I have never taken since being diagnosed with PBC in December 2010). So this is leading me to worry what might be wrong with me. Does anybody know of any link that would connect stomach ulcers to PBC? I can find nothing on the internet to answer this question but then PBC is an uncommon condition and even most doctors know little about it. At the moment I am dreading the results of those biopsies. Thank you for reading this lengthy diatribe and I would be very grateful for any responses.

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Hello MoPo

I also take Omeprazole as I suffered a lot with reflux. Stomach problems seems to be a PBC symptom for some of us but I have not had any other similar symptoms. I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry as this seems to me to be a trigger factor. Whilst waiting for your next appointment and the results write down those questions which are plaguing you, type up a copy for the doctor and work through the question sheet and jot down the answers. This writing down advice crops up lots of times so I utilized this advice when I need to see the GP. Have you tried the PBC Foundation = I believe you can email questions to them? pbcfoundation.org.uk/Home/C... also there is

livernorth.org.uk/pages/fac... which may be worth a try if you have not already researched these two resources.

I do hope the above helps. Like you I have found this web site and its community and invaluable help for which I am truly grateful.

best wishes


Yes, do speak to Robert at the PBC Foundation and stop trawling the internet and worrying yourself silly about things that may have nothing to do with your condition. You need facts and then you can cope with what is going on in your stomach . PBC is a difficult one to cope with as stress and worry generally make things worse but it is not easy to be calm when you don`t know how to get relief. I hope you can get the help you need and your life starts to improve. My best wishes to you.


I would like to speak to Robert but I don't know how to connect with him.


There is a link to the PBC Foundation website at the top of this page (white 'pbc' in maroon circle and orange square. Click on that to see their site, and there is a link to contact people on the site. If you speak to any of the advisors on the phone, or email, they can help: or they will arrange for you to speak to Robert or Colette.

Do you already have a diagnosis for PBC? If not why do you think you have got it? What were the biopsies for ... where taken? And have the medics done blood tests, and if so which, do you have any results for those yet?

There are 3 significant diagnostic features for PBC (see the PBC website) and unless you have had liver biopsies, following on from blood tests which were indicative for PBC - which you should have been informed about - I don't see why you need worry about PBC yet.

I know it's difficult when you are feeling scared and confused, but you need to ask more from the various medics - and they should tell you. Can you write things down before, and take a friend with you to help when you get nervous. you have a right to be informed of exactly what is going on.

I hope this helps.


ulcers area biological bug i was treated with omeprazole and antibiotic my brother had two major ops for this. Some person in Australia discovered the cure on most ulcers was a bug. We had blood test for this and that is how they know if you have this neither of us have had any trouble since.hope this helps you.



We can have other things wrong that are totally unconnected to PBC. I'm not certain the stomach ulcers are or how they actually start.

I think having heartburn frequently can actually be one of the causes and this is whree I am uncertain about with having PBC as a sympton in PBC can be heartburn.

Until you find out more from your recent tests and the way forward, I feel that if I was in your shoes (I only have PBC) then I'd attempt to alter my diet slightly to perhaps foods that could reduce acidity. I know that a diet with an over-indulgence of fat can actually cause heartburn and for m yself since PBC diagnosis although I didn't partake of an high fat diet then I am even that bit more stringent these days myself.

I know in the early days of starting in urso (diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010) I did experience heartburn which I put down to the tablets as this dissipated over a few months. I try to eat all my food intake before a certain time in the day but I suppose I am fortunate that I can eat exceptionally well during the early part of the day and often find I don't feel overly-hungry come evening meal time. I think this somehow helps as during the day I am pretty active and though I am one who suffers from the itch with PBC I tend to fidget about through the night most nights.


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