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Mouth ulcers

As promised I asked my consultant about blood mouth ulcers. She confirmed it is tied in with pbc. Because my blood results were so bad I have to get another scan and endoscopy to see how large the lymph nodes around my main bile duct have become and also to check on the liver. I can also see that my new gp needs educating on all matters pbc because when he saw my GGT results he asked how much I drank. :-(

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I think some consultants need educating as well :o)


Hi june9961,I can relate to that,friends said .hey julie i didn't know you liked a drink,and when at my doctors for another complaint I have and mentioned my p b c ,he said whats that,you give up don't you,no wonder there's no cure.local gp surgeries NEED educating,

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I agree it is something that is a foreign subject. I had all those comments mentioned. It is such an issue. I just had a procedure done where I had to do all pre precautions. The day of nurse was prepping me when the anesthetist pop her head in the curtain and said "She has Hughes Syndrome". The nurse said what is that? Yes sadly the education probabley needs to come from us. Important stuff.

Lexi-ing xx


Did they say why you get mouth ulcers? I get blood ulcers on my gums and lips and also my tongue and didn't realise it was related. I'd very grateful to hear what they said?


No sorry Roseter she just said it was one of those funny things that appear to be related to pbc. As she said before they did not know much about symptoms but now they recognise a whole lot more. Could be the medication or just simply the effect pbc has on the body. :-)


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