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Has anyone had the symptoms and treatment for a Vitamin B Complex Deficiency?

Hello All,

I would really like to know if anyone out there within the Pain Concern community and beyond, has had proven symptoms of a Vitamin B Complex deficiency.

What were your symptoms, did having a blood test show up the deficiency?

Were your symptoms classical of a deficiency or not?

How long were you on a supplement before you to saw any improvement in your symptoms?

Do you continue to take a Vitamin B Complex supplement, and are there any supplements that you could recommend?

I am trying to see if I might be on the right track with my own unusual symptoms. I have had so many tests, X-rays ,MRI Scans, Nerve Conduction Studies and everyone comes back as normal.

After very recently finding out that my mother and maternal grandmother, needed regular Vit B Complex supplements, and in the case of my grandmother Vit B injections. I contacted my GP who after sending me for 2 pretty full panels of blood tests, admitted that he had not asked for Vit B or Magnesium levels to be checked. It was discovered that I was indeed really deficient in Vit D, having taken supplement ever since. A further blood test now show that my Vit D are at normal levels.

My GP informed me that even though he had asked previously for other patients, the local NHS will not test for any of the other Vit B's except Vit B 12.

I am now trying to find out if a private lab would undertake this test?

I would be very grateful for any information and personal experiences.

Thank you.

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I have pernicious anaemia which is what you have said a Vitamin B12 deficiency its an autoimmune disease in which the autoantibodies destroy intrinsic factor and parietal cells in the stomach. normally blood screens are run for deficiencies iron, foliate and vitamin B 12 if all these come back abnormal and you have chronic fatigue worse than normal then its a good indicator of Vit B12 deficiency. 1 injection every 4 weeks and then every 12 weeks to build up the Vit b 12 then its every 12 weeks over time than will change. The only reason VitB 12 is tested as the body can not replace it. its life long injections and iron tablets with top up of foliate tablets. Yes I have a chronic pain and Fibromyalgia but to name a few. Try your local health food shop if your worried. Vit B12 can be life threatening if untreated and was a silent cause of death just over 100 years ago or there abouts


Hi Nikki-1 ..... I've Ben having B12injections Ever 3 months now for over 12years & always know when it's due arms ache etc. Started off 3 times weekly for 1 month . God luck .

Keep well

Peggy πŸ’


Thank you Peggy. About 10 days before I'm due my injection I'm the same also very very tired. It was quite a shock when I found out I had it. Look after yourself. X

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I always felt like I was vitamin B deficient. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with coeliac disease that I realised it was just part of the malabsorption problems that go along with undiagnosed coeliac damage. Once properly diagnosed and on a strict gluten free diet, I really haven't had any deficiency symptoms again. If you feel you aren't absorbing nutrients properly in spite of a good diet, then its definitely worth getting screened for coeliac disease (but don't go changing your diet until you have had the tests done, as once on a gluten free diet, the tests will all be negative). I was also low in folate, B12, iron, etc.

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Both very similar illness as I was also tested for Coeliac as well as Vit B12.


Hi Wayside,

Just throwing my curve ball in here by adding that many people have a defective gene called MTHFR which puts a spanner in the works for processing folate and other b vitamins. This is a fairly useful website to learn more: stopthethyroidmadness.com/m...

Best wishes


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Thank you one and all for taking the time out to reply to me.

I have booked for a blood test with the practice nurse tomorrow, so we shall see what results come back from that.

I was fine with all the other routine tests that were run late last year. Though they didn't test me for Vit B. I have been looking at having a private blood test done of all the Vit B's, WOW its very expensive! Understandable why this is not done on the NHS.


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