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Ive been under the care of my local pain clinic for about 16m now and in my last 2 sessions I've been given some new direction which has given me a bit of a boost. I thought I'd share the knowledge in case it might be helpful and I also wondered if anyone else is being or has been tested for vitamin deficiencies?

My pain specialist nurse told me this week that she's recently sent a handful of patients who have reported bone and joint pain for these tests and wants me to be tested too.

Apparently our vit D numbers should be between 50-150 then told me that 2 of these patients were of a similar age to me, the man's level was 7 and the ladies was 6!! They were prescribed a high dose supplement which has apparently done them wonders in terms of pain relief!!!

The clinic have also started working with the local counciling and have started getting positive reports from the patients that have used the service! I had a telephone consultation with them yesterday, where they asked the expected general questions and based on my answers they were able to determine whinch area my issues lie then recommend the appropriate class/1-2-1/treatment etc.

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Great Mistee! Where was this then?


I too have been tested for vitamin deficiencies but had normal levels. However prior to these tests by around a month I had been on a cocktail of vitamin c, d, iron and an amino acid called lysine that is for nerve regeneration. I took all these before I had really begun on my cocktail of pain medication and despite good research supporting vitamins I didn't find them to be of use for myself but that doesn't mean others shouldn't push to be tested for vitamins. I am also pleased to hear they are providing counselling support sounds like you have a good pain clinic! Also I am pleased you have spread the word so that it gives others the awareness to be confident in asking for these items when they attend their pain clinic. Good luck in your journey and take care



Hi mistee,sounds encouraging,been thinking about the vitamin thing myself lately,have now received my appt for pain clinic in august so i shall see if they are just as supportive as your's are?been to pain clinic year's ago,got tens machine,didnt help one iota,have alot more pain now and stops me from sleeping,get 4hrs if im lucky,with side affects from being on gabapentin (hopefully reversable) my life is unbearable just now and have other clinic appts coming up,hopefully one day i can see some light at the end of this dark tunnel?i stay positive even though i struggle but hey ho just hoping i get even the slightest bit of relief?....kind regards and wish you well..



Vitamin D deficiency affecting bones is called osteomalacia and the most effective treatment (if you can get it) is a vit D injection followed by vit D tablets (careful of those containing calcium if these levels are OK).

Osteomalacia softens bones and causes microfractures which may not show on an Xray. The pain is excruciating and can result in hyperstimulation of the nerves (ie chronic pain!) which does not respond to conventional pain relief.

Vit D deficiency is being linked to many health issues so I'd encourage everyone to get it checked AND aim for the injection if levels are less than 10.


Thank you for the info! Blood test was yesterday and should get the results early in the week x


I have been on a cocktail of drugs for years for pain and other problems. I was recently diagnosed with vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency, I have to have an injection every 3 months for the rest of my life. I don't know if this is connected to medication but I was sleeping all the time and find that nearer the injection symptoms return. They were testing me for diabetes as I slept too much and thankfully they discovered this. I always recommend that people get tested if they have symptoms. Also thyroid is important to check.


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