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hip pain age 17 since march 2015. Please help if u have any idea x

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Hi everyone would just like to see if anyone xould help me out. I'm only 17 and since last March I've had excruciating hip pain. I play netball but never had any problems and last year while warming up I felt a very tight knot in side of one of my hips while warming up that eventually turned into a very sharp unbearable pain, even just moving my upper body would send terrible shooting pains through my hip. It spread to my other hip within a week and I visited doctors who just asked me to come back if it didn't go away. Eventually got so bad where I was on tears everyday that I got took to hospital ( before they wouldn't take me as it wasn't a fall or anything that caused it) and I got a xray which was clear. This was about a month after it first came on and I was mow getting terrible shooting pains up my spine. It gradually got a little better but then got worse and to this day I'm still in so much agony and doctors have no clue. Been for mri's and they are totally clear, been to physio who said I had bursitis but my hip doctor disagrees. No painkillers/anti-inflammotries help and im honestly losing all hope of ever feeling normal again. Had so much knee pain recently too and had groin pain for ages my latest hospital appointment I was offered injections but the other doctor has refused me them so I have just been told to wait and see for a few years if it goes away as I'm still growing and "this happens quite alot to girls between 14-18" had blood tests everything clear too. Please somebody help me out feeling so down everyday with this horrible pain cannot remember last pain free day I've had. Feel like no one understands what I'm going through close to me and feel so upset constantly. my vitamin d levels are at 28 and Im on supplements but my doctor isn't sure this is what's causing the pain. everyday my full legs are sore somewhere and my hips are in agony. please if anyone has any idea 😭

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Hi, I also have agonising hip pain but I am 45. I have an injection every three months and that almost cures the pain for about two months then it starts to come back. Apparently I have little bone spurs growing on my hips which are tearing the cartilage. I really would push and push for more tests as nobody should be left in the pain that you describe every day.

erincath in reply to ROCCOFUDGE

Thanks so much, I'll definitely get on to my doctors!! that sounds so horrible I hope your not in too much pain.. x

Just a wag but when I was 25 had horrible hip pain & they'd lock up even. Like you athletic & in great shape. Dr checked Ferritin & it was off chart. Get blood work & check it. Maybe or not but a start. Excess iron stores in joints & tissue making us "rusty" : (

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Aw thank u!! I've never even heard of that.. I have the doctors tomorrow so I will say to them! x

Get a massage from a sports therapist. A muscle could have gone into over contraction causing various structures to be pulled out of alignment. This sort of problem will not show up on an MRI scan.

Like all problems which display symptoms the cause could be one of many possibilities. So my suggestion may be wrong or it may be right only an investigation can tell.

Another possibility is that you have a muscle knot in the neck. This is impacting on the spinal reflexes in the neck which in turn affects the muscle behaviour in the hip leading to pain and discomfort in the hip with virtually no pain and discomfort in the neck.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.

erincath in reply to johnsmith

Thank you so much you've helped alot so much for me to thunk about! I'll definitely look into getting a massage x

Hi, I had similar experiences when your age. Nothing could be seen on X-rays, etc. And it's difficult to diagnose when the pain moves to other areas.

It's unlikely we share the same condition, but I will share my experience and hopefully something will help you.

Physio did not help me, but ibuprofen did. Problems with the spine can effect all the areas you mentioned. I was diagnosed at 33 with a rheumatic illness when X-rays showed changes. Please don't wait so long! An autoimmune disease can get better, then worse, and also start effecting other body parts so it can be difficult for "regular" doctors to diagnose. A rheumatologist can do blood tests specific for rheumatic activity. The numbers will typically increase when you are in more pain.

You can start trying alternative pain relief methods without a diagnosis. Acupuncture had a great benefit for me throughout my twenties. Also, swimming is an ideal exercise with joint pain. The water absorbs the impact to your joints while allowing a good workout. A good stretching regiment has helped many with chronic pain. I currently do gentle yoga. The more extreme yogas are a good workout but not for stretching. With most illnesses, staying fit reduces overall pain. The suggestions other made can also be helpful too.

Please take care of yourself! At 17 I tried to pretend it didn't exist and used very unhealthy methods to cope--which caused new problems.

If you have any kind of illness, early diagnosis is very important!

Aw ty so much, it's so nice to know someone's been in the same situation. I'm still waiting on my appointment for the rheumatologist so hopefully when I go I finally find out! ibruprofen and normal painkillers sadly don't help me at all :( you sound like you hae a really good plan and have handled everything v well since, hope you are doing much better now! ! I will defo need to try more stretching anf swimming x

Hi, I too have a lot of hip pain and have had pain since i was a about your age, i like you had xrays, mri, ct scans that were all clear, when I was your age I was made to feel as though my pain couldn't be that bad and because my scans were clear there couldn't be anything wrong and I felt like I didn't have a voice then, age shouldn't matter, don't give up, don't be fobbed off, keep persevering. I hope you find something that help your pain wish you all the best em x

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