Gabapentine+nsaid+Tizanidine Chronic backpain

Hi there! I was a few years back diagnosed with osteomalacia. My vitamin D keeps dropping low if I stop taking them. But any pain I felt was mild. But since a year and a half I have been suffering from moderate to severe low back pain. An x-ray about a year ago revealed gentle scoliosis. But the doctor at the time said its negligible. Gave me an nsaid and multivitamin to take. He said the muscles may have pulled away at the spine cause of a jerk. I could only remember how I fell in the mountains as I was unfortunate to be there at the time of some flooding.

I went to an orthopedic doctor just now and My vitamin d levels were at 20 again, but the x-ray somehow revealed nothing said the doctor. he prescribed phlogin (nsaid), movax (Tizanidine-muscle relaxant), opt.D (Vit-D) and neogab (gapapantine). All to be taken for the next 7 days and then get a follow-up. I feel like this is too much. Like he couldn't figure what was wrong, so he gave one pill each for everything, something is bound to work. Do you think I should go ahead with this combination therapy? I was looking up gabapentine and was horrified at reading the side effects and withdrawal symptoms on a forum.

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  • Ask for mri scan as I suffered years with my back but since June I have suffered so much I have sciatica and bulge at bottom of spine and waiting op date I really hope u get sorted but try n get mri scan done as shows lot more then x rays Good luck with it n plz keep us updated xx

  • I have previously used gabapentin and the side effects were horrendous to say the least. Ended up going cold turkey to get off them. There is others on this site that take them without any problems. A xray doesn't show up much information so I suggest you ask for a mri. Good luck x

  • Thankyou both Jayney7 and Victoriapain . I contacted someone just now for an MRI appointment and they said they'll get back to me next week.


  • Lovely fingers crossed for u hun hope u get one xx

  • Right back at ya for the OP. 👍

  • Am on gabapentin and no side affects. And daizapam n morfen tablets n oral morfen n diclofenac. Xx

  • All of these would help you with the pain and then there is the OP for the remedy? Nothing else worked?

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